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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 25, Number 2, Spring 1993

  Teaching Literature
Gary Fincke The Underground House
Reed Hearne Dove
Randall H. Harber An Evening of Brahms
Rosanne Coggeshall St. Francis and the Cows
Clifford Kiser Inheritance
J. W. Rivers The Girl Who Dances in Snow
Carl Conover A Tour of the Tomb of Guiliano Dé Medici
Louis Daniel Brodsky Miss Emily
Greg Johnson Somewhere in Georgia
Carl Lindner The Doctor
Brian O'Neill Blizzard
James Schiffer An Interview with Richard Stern
Sam Pickering From My Side of the Desk
Jeffrey Hart Anything Can Happen
Ronald Moran Some Comments on the Poetry of J. W. Rivers
D. G. Myers Carl Iannone and the Politics of Scholarship
Walter Sullivan Confessions of a New Critic
James H. Maguire Removing Barriers
R. T. Smith Three Poets from Norton
William Koon Readings for a New Southern Renascence
Mark J. Charney Understanding Fiction
Larry W. Chappell Dining with the Anti-Philosophers
Glenn W. Erickson Realpolitik
Timothy J. Viator Herrick Revisited
Harold McSween Jefferson's Mail
Dan Albergotti III Tiring Torture and Time
Rayburn S. Moore Apollo Weeps
Margaret Mills Harper Making It New
Patricia Valenti Show and Tell
Ray Merlock The New World Order
Mark I. West Rockabye Critic
Ruel E. Foster In the Land of Nod
Jeff Humphries The Way We Were
Ruth D. Weston The Redneck Hero in the Postmodern World
Patricia B. Mullen South by Southwest
Marilyn Elkins The Literary Odyssey of Alice Walker
Lloyd Davis Raising the Barbaric Yawp