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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 26, Number 2, Spring 1994

  The End of an Era
Eugene J. McCarthy James Dickey
Monroe K. Spears Lines Spoken to James Dickey on His Sixtieth Birthday
Paula Goff (two poems)
Ron Rash Grabbing
Robert L. Smith Bones, Dry Bones
Paul Grant Crossroads
Thomas L. Johnson Found Poem
Donald J. Greiner The Iron of English
Regina Villiers Caught in the Ozone
Robert Morgan Kuykendall's Gold
Henry Taylor Going for Broke
Dave Smith James Dickey's Motions
Patricia Laurence Puella in Flight
Laurence Lieberman Erotic Pantheism in "Madness"
Gordon Van Ness Dickey's Literary Criticism
Ernest Suarez Dickey's Literary Reputation
Steven G. Kellman All the World's a Movie Set
John R. and Linda K. Kuehl The Principle of Uncertainty in Deliverance
Ronald Baughman James Dickey's "Anilam"
Irving Malin Reading Dickey's Writing
Ernest Suarez Dickey on Melville
Richard J. Calhoun The Deconstruction of James Dickey
George Garrett Bow to the Bull's-Eye
David Madden James Dickey's Live Performance
Louis D. Rubin, Jr. Understanding the Buckhead Boys
Irving Malin H(a)unting Dickey
Mark Rudman James Dickey in Salt Lake City
Charlie Smith Near Cherrylog Road
Robert Phillips An Open Letter to James Dickey
Ronald Moran William Stafford: 1914-1993