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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 27, Numbers 1 & 2, Fall 1994-Spring 1995

Carl A. Gottesman The Bishop's Dream. The Lady in Flames.
Daniel Bourne The Weak
Ron Rash
  • 1934
  • Flying Squadron
  • The Old Men at Hamrick's Carp Pond
Art Madson Wars
Danny White When Farmer's Pray For Rain
Tom Saya A Thin Arc
Dan Albergotti Methuselah at the Gates
William M. Ramsey A Strange Telepathy
Marly Youmans Testament for the Paisley Loom-Workers
Mark Royden Winchell Cleanth Brooks as Fugitive Poet
Thomas Barbash Paris
Marlin Barton An Afternoon at Carter's
John Birchler The Man Who Couldn't Kill Grubs
Bennett Capers Paradise
Steven Carter The Winner
Craig Childress Terrace Leap
Patrick W. Conner The Anchorite
Marlene Dubé Ixchel
Mamoun Fandy The Mother of Ishmael
Jim Gialamas Transcending the Kid
Henry Glover Frog
David Holper Static
Ann Scott Knight The Hand is Quicker Than the Heart
Bill Kueser Gravity
Ann McNichols Jonah
Jim Meirose Walter's Way
Tara Menon Ammini
Robin Z. Merle Escape from the Pool
Kevin Phelan and Bill U'Ren The Bluebook Value of Rose
Will Rawn Late Spring
Jim Sandefur Dog Day's Dream
Alice E. Sink Grandpa's Night Light and the Maytag Repairman
Elizabeth Strout Criminal
Alphonse Vinh A Critic Finds His Voice: Selected Letters of Cleanth Brooks to Allen Tate, 1934-1939
Hank Nuwer Comes A Horseman-Poet: An Interview with Henry Taylor
Donald Pizer American Expatriate Movement and the Paris Movement
William Pratt Between the Imagists and the Fugitives
Igor Maver Australian-American Affiliations: The Poetry of Bruce Beaver
Phillip C. Kolin On a Trolley to the Cinema: Ingmar Bergman and the First Swedish Production of A Streetcar Named Desire
Richard Tillinghast Robert Lowell's "The Dolphin" - "Ransacking My Bags of Dust for Silver Spoons"
Leonard Casper Twinning in the "Novels" of Bruce Chatwin
J. O. Tate The Lush in the Limousine: Raymond Chandler's Self-Generated Imagination
Elliott Malamet "Oedipus Comes to Nottwich": The Limits of Vision in Greene's A Gun For Sale
J. A. Bryant, Jr. Allen Tate's Novel for All Seasons
Vera Rony The Uprising of 1934
Craig Watson Whitman and Revision: Two Views
Victor Strandberg The Birth of Modernism
D.G. Myers Whatever Became of Poet-Critics?
William Pratt A Critic Who Counts
David B. Kesterson The "Closed Portal[s] of Happiness" in Washington Square
James R. Andreas on Grace Ioppolo's Revising Shakespeare
Roger B. Rollin on Cleanth Brook's Historical Evidence and the Reading of Seventeenth Poetry
Dan Albergotti on Robert Cooperman's In the Household of Percy Byshe Shelley
Stephen Wood on Svetlana Boym's Death in Quotation Marks: The Cultural Myth of the Poet
Peter Rudnytsky on Adam Phillip's On Kissing, Tickling, and Being Bored: Psychoanalytic Essays on the Unexamined Life
Harold B. McSween on James Applewhite's A History of the River and John Finlay's Mind and Blood
Claire Bateman on Ronald Moran's Sudden Fictions and Getting the Body to Dance Again
Ron Rash on The Christ-Haunted Landscape: Faith and Doubt in Southern Fiction
Mark Royden Winchell Requiem for a Critic