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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 28, Number 1, Fall 1995

  Conversations with Mary Gordon
Polly N. Passonneau Madness
Margaret Hutton Vander
Kim Bridgford
  • A Photograph of Spring
  • When the Darkness Comes
Julie Herrick White Naming the Buttons
Heather Sellers Near Avalon
William John Watkins
  • The Mad Professor Sinks
  • I Did Not Hug My Father at the End
  • Lover's Quarrels
  • Jump Cut
Joy Blumenthal
  • Breakfast: A War Poem
  • The Last Great Age of Breakfast
  • Poetry in the Arctic
  • Half-Baked Alaska
Colleen Connors Leaving Once is Hard
Carl Conover
  • Palimpsest
  • Epilogue: Polonius to the Audience
Elisabeth Adams
  • Cedar Grove
  • Checkered Linen
Celestine Frost Day Clean
Marilyn Knight The Wife's Poem
Thomas W. Christopher What Happened to Horseshoe Robinson?
David B. Kesterson The "Closed Portal[s] of Happiness" in Washington Square
William Pratt Laura Riding: Fugitive, Witch, or Goddess?
Lance Lyday Faulkner Biography: Stranger Than Fiction
Richard Kostelanetz Person of Letters in the Contemporary World, Part II
Fakrul Alam Imperial Entanglements and Literature in English
Lance Lyday A Mere Peasant
Frederick W. Shilstone Hegemonic Metaphors
Kevin J. H. Dettmar St. Ford
Joseph Carroll Casual Trysts
Jerome S. Dees Epistemic Shifts
Imtiaz Habib Hystericizing Shakespeare
Hilary Holladay Freed Voices
Glenn W. Erickson Tyrannical Philosophers
Peter Donahue Writer's Writer
Christopher W. Blackwell Iussa
Richard J. Calhoun Morning Gladness