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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 29, Number 1, Fall 1996

Themed Issue: Virginia Woolf International

Larry Chappell An Interview with George Will
Jean Moorcroft Wilson Conceived with Kindness: The Woolf Family Perspective
Jane Marcus Wrapped in the Stars and Stripes: Virginia Woolf in the U.S.A.
Susan Stanford Friedman Uncommon Readings: Seeking the Geopolitical Woolf
Sybil Oldfield Virginia Woolf and Antigone - Thinking Against the Currents
Marion Shaw A Room of One's Own to A Literature of Their Own
Julia Briggs Editing Woolf for the Nineties
Catherine Sandbach-Dahlström Virginia Woolf With and Without State Feminism
Vera and Ansgar Nünning From Thematics and Formalism to Aesthetics and History: Phases and Trends of Virginia Woolf Criticism in Germany, 1946-1996
Pierre-Eric Villeneuve Virginia Woolf and the French Reader: An Overview
Patricia Laurence The China Letters: Julian Bell, Vanessa Bell, and Ling Shu Hua
Melba Cuddy-Keane and Kay Li Passage to China: East and West and Woolf
Edythe R. Green The Man Who Shot Hitler
David Karraker The End Game
William D. Shaefer Isle of Joy
Jason Friedman Mexico
John Foster Smoke Rings
S. Frederick Liss The Anatomy Lesson
James Matthews The Strays Are Never Far Behind
Claire Bateman
  • I Spy
  • Jellyfish
  • Telephone Land
David C. Berry Crab, King, and Queen
Martha Vertreace Fruit of the Vine
Michael Andrews
  • Split
  • So Many Steps, A Mountain
Anne Gorick Bellevue, Thorns, Clearwater
Robert Parham
  • Not Calling This Home Is Important
  • The Large Is the Small
H. R. Coursen
  • The Next Day: Dusk
  • 20 November 1993
  • Resistance: 8 January 1994
Lynne Schrum
  • To My Daughter on Her Birthday
  • Ears
  • To the Violent Husband: Last Visitation with Your Son
  • Valentine's Day, 1990
  • To the Violent Husband
Marilyn Johnston Behind Everything As Usual
David James Smith Letter
Julie Herrick White Traveling Away from Center
Edward Francisco Snake
Lyn Lifshin I Was Four In Dotted
Alif Masqura How Do You Shoot a Beloved Camel?
Carol Iannone and Gregory Downing Teaching at Gallatin Division/NYU
James H. Justus Warren in the 1990s and the Prospects for Southern Writers
James Seaton Milan Kundera vs. Richard Rorty
Lee Morrissey Learning from Athens? Three Recent Titles on Architectural Classicism
William Pratt Cleanth Brooks and the Rise of Modern Criticism
Anita Plath Helle The Gender of Modernity
Harold Woodell Sing Your Heart Out, Country Boy
David Aiken Georgia Voices: Fiction