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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 29, Number 3, Summer 1997

David Alan Goldstein Pearls
Neville Carson Homefield
Kirk Nesset Behind the Wheel
Constance Buchanan Icebreakers
John Engell Born Again
Michael Pulley Someone's in the Jazzroom with Mama
William Losinger A Going Concern
Sue Lile Inman The Mikvah
Kurt Haenicke An Awful Real Moment
Alan Izen Prisoner of Paradise
Greg Johnson Night Journey
Randall Dwenger Delible
Melvyn Kopmar Baseball Angel
Edward Blaine Flesh and Stone
Theron Montgomery Grinning in the Dark
Mark SaFranko Life-Change
Betsy Feist The Irony of Priests
Steve Yates The Quarry Master
Bartolomeo St. Saviour Skinned Alive