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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 30, Number 1, Fall 1997

Andrew Low Forms of Fascism in Tarr
David C. Dougherty A Test of Principles, Politics, and Friendship: John Dos Passos, Ernest Hemingway, and the Spanish Civil War
Sarah Anne Shope Transylvania, A Return in Time
Whitney A. Reitz Eye Contact
Peter Donahue Marta
R. Huber The Death of Johnny Reno
Donald Himmelspach Nudes
Levani Wright Cactus Flower
Joanne Lowery You Give Me a Story About How You Might Die
Vivian Shipley
  • Moonshine
  • Fair Haven
Gale Acuff Love's Complaint
Wendy Battin Old Cat
Martha Marinara
  • My Father's Heart
  • The Young Widow Talks to Herself
E. M. Schorb Lost Sketches by Bosch
Earl Coleman Sarajevo of the Heart
David Middleton At the Grave of General Francis T. Nicholls, C.S.A.
Gary Duehr Circles, Widening
Laurie Calhoun April Image II
Jean Esteve Late August
Mehdi Ouni Thoughts Through Famine
Sharon L. Jones An Interview with Derek Walcott
James R. Andreas A "Patronage Playwright"
Farhad B. Idris The Raj Before and After