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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 30, Number 2, Spring 1998

Ray Barfield Air to Ground Communication: Radio in Carolina Mill Villages
Robert Frumkin The Freakish Female Body in Caroline Gordon's "The Petrified Woman"
Beverly Forsyth Robert Frost's "The Witch of Co&oumls": A Mystical Straddle for Modern Man
Robert Frumkin The Masque of Tradition and Robert Frost's "A Masque of Reason"
Robert Drake Queen Anne Front, Mary Anne Behind
Faith Shearin Childhood
Clifford Kiser Sisters
Phillip Routh The Legacy
Judith Caesar Book of Changes
Arthur C. Metzger Snow
George Singleton The Tribiological Nature of Answers
G. C. Waldrep
  • Hobos
  • At the Gate Which Is Called Beautiful
  • The Fisherman
  • Halfway Through the Doff
  • All Moving Things Are Real
R. T. Smith Blowout
Kim Bridgford Heat
Michael Stein
  • Salt
  • Medusa
David Starkey Lagniappe
John Grey Bloomsbury Group
Victor Pearn Tutoring Tanya and Jessica
Joanne Marinelli When Leaving Her Mentor Behind
Betty Sosnin Bread and Salt
Moira Ferguson Sarah Trimmer's Warring Worlds
G. C. Waldrep The Machinery of Raiment
Harold Woodell Why Southern Textiles Are Not Union Made
Frank Day Young Immigrants
Bruce Baker Boiled Peanuts
Sharon Jones The Harlem Renaissance and Beyond: Three New Perspectives on Claude McKay, Nella Larsen, and Ann Petry
Anthony G. Tassin One by Brooks Too Broad for Leaping: A Threesome on Cleanth Brooks
Martin Jacobi A Rose That Doesn't Smell Sweet