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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 31, Number 1, Fall 1998

Bernard Schmidt The Function of Tiresias in "The Waste Land"
Kenneth Payne "Living on the Ragged Edge": Naturalism and the Criminal 'Victim' in Jim Thompson's Savage Night
Paul Christian Jones Simms's Revolt Against the Romance: The Golden Christmas and As Good As A Comedy
R. F. Fleissner The Daemons of Frost and Keats in Perspective
B. R. Hamlin Some of My Friends Have Been Threatening Me
Martin Taragano Nat's Not Nuts
John Foster Indian Summer
J. S. Demel Transport
S. Frederic Liss The Duck Hunter
Dayna Mari Odd Job #2: Death & The Paycheck
Lorraine Badger Sex
Stephanie Moore Why
Tobey Herzog Tim O'Brien Interview
Betty Sosnin Night Train to Esfahan
William Dauenhauer Phantasmata
Dainis Hazners Everywhere, Angels
David Tillinghast Sisters, Cousins, and Wayward Angels
William John Watkins The Angel of Death Drove Up
Laura Lush
  • Genes
  • Line
A.M. Juster Plea
James S. Profitt Thaw: Sun Melting Ice at 12F
Gaar Scott Veal
Ted Lord Remains
Mary Winters Mania
P. L. Thomas Blouses & Skirts
Caryn Mirriam Goldberg At Thirteen
Tom Chandler
  • Photos of Primitive People
  • Archie
  • Yearbook Photographer
Robert Sargent A Philosophical Discussion
Duncan Zenobia Saffir In Truth and Flavor
Michael Jordan Donald Davidson and the Defense of Tradition
James Everett Kibler The Past Visible
Lee Morrissey The Longue Duree of Architectural Theory
William Pratt An Agrarian Revival?
Bill Koon Snapshots of Our Southern Literary Culture
Margit M. Sinka Anykonyv
Patrizia Longo George Will Meets Augustinian Liberalism
Frederick W. Shilstone Natural Man
Brock Clarke The Responsibilities of Serious Readers
Wayne Chapman Grist and Rainbow