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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 32, Number 2, Spring 2000

Vince Clemente James Dickey Remembering John Hall Wheelock
Farhad B. Idris The Native Returns : Conrad and Orientalism in V.S. Naipaul’s An Area of Darkness
Aaron Shaheen Uncovering the “Man of the Heart”: Constructing the Female Self as Male in the Religious Rhetoric of Sophia Hume’s Exhortation to the Inhabitants of South Carolina
Elizabeth Evans Doris Betts’s “Beasts of the Southern Wild”: Miscegenation as Theme; Donne and Yeats as Allusive Sources
Tim Sheehan The Other Side of the Glass
Gary Garvin Pillar of Salt
Jo-Anne M. Watts Counting on Spinoza
Janset Berkok Shami To Whom It May Concern
Sam A. Mustafa Tracks Leading Somewhere
Dave Roberts The Black Angel
Meg Waite Clayton The Blistering Cure
Fran Kaplan Running on Empty
Randall Ivey Blood Sugar and Carpe Diem
Dayna Mari Odd Job #4: Rat Poison or How to Build a Better Marxist
John Perryman The Taking of Names
Julianna Baggott Finding Janie Pinkerton
Sue Pace Stained Glass Windows
Heather Mackey The Alchemist
Todd Pierce At Room 301
Robert Skidmore Space Food
Lee K. Abbott The Trouble with Girls
Keith Lee Morris Minor Injuries
Jack Shuler An Interview with David Tillinghast
Ronald Moran The Alumni Meet the Emeriti: Homecoming 1999
David Tillinghast
  • Children and Horses
  • Tennesseans
Jimmy Dean Smith On Hearing That We Read the Same Book Last Evening
Daniel M. Nester Three Versions of an Iranian Death Game
Susan Thomas Amphibious Passage
William Aiken The Single Wing
Edward Myers The Hitchhiker (Near Carhuaz, North-Central Andes, Peru)
Skip Eisiminger King Priam’s Horse: A Revisionist Myth
T. Alan Broughton The House as Tree
Stephen Cushman Call Toll-Free for Complete Evaluation
Karen McCosker
  • Token Keeper
  • A Walk
Mary Baron The woman in Room 22
Kevin King Plum Island Revisited
Allen Braden Dreaming the Limit: after Richard Hugo
Nancy V. Swanson River Trails
Richard J. Calhoun Frost Once More in SCR
Catherine Paul Weather Permitting
Claire Bateman A Universe Kept in Balance: Four Poets
Susanna Ashton Tired Pens?
Bruce E. Baker Peaches and Pictures
David Robertson “Remember Denmark Vesey of Charleston!”
Keller Cushing Freeman Souls to Be Saved
David Dougherty Dos Passos Redux
Frederick W. Shilstone The Bottom Line
Lee Morrissey “All That is Solid Melts into Sulfur Dioxide”
Frank Day The Beauty of Feminine Stupidity
Peter Wolfe Flubs and Drubs
Karen L. Schiff A Fascimile Blossoms