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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 33, Number 1, Fall 2000

L. Mark Moyer Tobacco Road Re-Traveled
James Potts "Letters to Paw" and African American "Ecriture": The Autobiography of Annie Greene Nelson
Bernard Schmidt The Purchase Theme in Jonathan Edwards's A History of the Work of Redemption
Peter J. Capuano Imagination and Recollection: The Power and Process of Memory in "The Lake Isle of Innisfree"
John Perryman Washing Homer's Feat: Louise Gluck, Modernism, and the Classics
Ron Rash Dangerous Love
Melodie Starkey The Wild Bears
Sharon Booker Brooks Dottie's Life
Robert A. Cucinotta Letters
Valerie Ann Leff Better Homes and Husbands
Gina Willner-Pardo Getting to Know the Boss of the Blues
Sheri Rice Remembering Jilly
Eleanor Henderson Burying the Animal
Andrew Wright Your Beloved David
Anthony Varallo Places of Comfort
Elizabeth Leonie Simpson Renata
Jamison Koehler Waiting for Helen
Jack Shuler An Interview with Ron Rash
Ron Rash
  • Catamount
  • Graveyard Fields
Jay Griswold Cultivating the Wildman
Claire Bateman
  • The Daughter-in-law's Tale
  • Clumsy
  • Crowns
Randall R. Freisinger
  • Another Day
  • Waterfront Concert
  • Home Movies
  • The Rehearsal
Jennifer Firestone Sister
Dave Roberts
  • Nerve Endings
  • To a (Lost) Living Will
Jim Kacian Lone Wolf
Allison Eir Jenks The Quilt
Louis S. Faber Harlan
Pamela Garvey Someone is Coming
Courtney Angela Brkic All Saints' Day
Jeff Knight Barbwire Sonnet
Katherine Lucas Anderson The Order of Things
Louis Phillips
  • Reading Chaucer at a Broadway Laundromat Near Columbia University
  • Poem
Joseph Bathanti Face of Fire
Jonathan Hazen
  • birds perched on barbed wire, singing
  • coupling
Kristine Somerville
  • The Decorator
  • The Mortician
  • The Coach
  • The Reception
Sara Willingham Currents
Randy Phillis Solutions
Justin Askins Inflorescence
Pamela Steed Hill
  • Accidental Gestures
  • The Message Box
E. A. Hilbert When Tracing New Borders
Rabindranath Tagore A Hundred Years from Now
Bruce E. Baker Folklorists From the Mountains to the Sea Islands
Harold Woodell Mill Myths
Harold Woodell Heroes for Hire
Lee Morrissey Principle Lost: Stanley Fish as Miltonist
Hallman Bryant "Honor Thy Father"
Corrie Beatrice Claiborne Historicizing African American Poetry
Mechthild Cranston Doceur and Doleur
Declan Kiely Intersections of Yeats's Life and Work
Skip Eisiminger Good Morning, Anemone
Lee Morrissey "Novel Criticism"
Karen Schiff Blots and Blurs and Juxtaposed Jottings
Tim Hurley John Rawls's Liberal Provincialism