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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 34, Number 1, Fall 2001

Wayne Chapman In Memoriam: Anne Yeats
Mark Royden Winchell Public Culture and the Public University
Dan George Ruff and Laura Neath Black Americus George David Wiles as Literary and Higher Education Leader in South Carolina
Richard Calhoun James Dickey: The Clemson Episode
Wayne Chapman Leonard Woolf and the Rowntree Political Monthlies, 1916-1922: With the Irish Rebellion as a Case in Point
Kathryn Laing Virginia Woolf in Ireland: A Short Voyage Out
Evelyn Harris Haller Transmitting Pound's Works Through His Daughter, Mary
Steve Almond Divorcing Johnny Ponder
Dulane Upshaw Ponder The Rat Spoon
Laura Payne Butler Alice's Soulbath
MaryEllen Beveridge A Late Spring
Beth Hahn The Story of the Crooked Woman
Stephen Guinan The Age of Enlightenment
Drew Perry And Also With You
Charles Edward Brooks Lullaby
John Doble Lefty
Theodore Sedore An American Borderer: An Interview with Alberto Ríos
Alberto Ríos
  • Oranges in a Tree
  • The Dog Inside Mine
  • A September Death
  • Eating Potato Chips in Middle Age
Patricia Murphy Hoarding
Virgil Suárez Firewater/Aguandiente
Ron Rash
  • Shee-Show
  • The Vanquished
  • Tremor
  • Bottomland
  • At Boone Creek Landing
Kathryn Gerhard My Husband Smokes Camels
Catherine Savage Brosman
  • Ernest Hanfstaengl in England
  • Carolina
Elisabeth Murawski
  • Dark Circle
  • Letter with No Address
David Lawrence
Juliet Crichton Rapids
Susanne Kort Threads
Mary MacGowan
  • My Opthalmologist's Ear
  • The Ig-Pay of Atin-Lay
Dale M. Kushner Migration
Marilyn Greenberg Still Life
Paul Sohar The Dogs of Grozny by Sandor Kanyadi
Jan Bailey Amy's Story
E. M. Schorb An Evening With "Blood"
Sondra Audin Armer
  • Affidavit of the Jar
  • Epithalamion for Sam and Chris
Barbara Sanders The Night I Ate Sushi for the First Time
D. Rodman Walker Engineer's Cookbook
Virgil Suárez The Spiritual/Espiritu
Skip Eisiminger
David Tillinghast Is There Anyone Out There Who Would Like to Sing Madrigals?
Peter Desy Boys at 70
Ryan G. Van Cleave
  • Psalm of the Boy from Milwaukee Who Loved Roast Beef
  • Molten Glass Still Reflects
  • The Mythology of Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin
  • For My Grandfather, Whose Name I Will Never Say Aloud Again
  • Theme and Variation on Personal Mythology
John Grey The Sewing Man
Lyn Lifshin It's Not Even a Month
Joanna Catherine Scott Coloring In
Earl Coleman Ground War
Virgil Suárez Pound Finds His Way in the Garden of St. Elizabeth's Asylum
Ray Barfield The Storied South
Skip Eisiminger Struck by Lightning
Becky Bradway The Language of Grace
Bill Koon Sweet Tea and Tiramisu
Lucy Rollin Among School Children: The Harry Potter Books and the School Story Tradition
Hallman Bryant Main Currents of Cather Criticism
James Emmett Ryan Reinventing Melville
William Harvey Hunter The Killing Fields
Paul Christopher Anderson The Cause of the South
Nicole Trista Guttermuth Understanding the Jack Kerouac Mosaic
Bruce Baker The Middle Passage Meets the Computer Age
Glynn Custred Mulligan Stew
Frank Day Critical Notices