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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 34, Number 2, Spring 2002

Andrew Radford The Performance of Identity in Nella Larsen's Passing

Kenneth Payne

Marginalizing the Male, Masculinizing the Female: The Thematics of Gender Disruption in Cornell Woolrich's The Black Path of Fear (1944)
Thomas Dillon Redshaw Printing a Second Revival: Liam Miller's Dolmen Editions, 1966
Bernard Schmidt From Plato's Dirge to Wordworth's Death Song: Platonism in Wordsworth's Poetry
J. Lorraine Brown Waterline
Nancy Middleton Shipbuilding
Judith Moore McGinn Losing Zan Gambol
Erin Flanagan Honda People
Karon Luddy And Here's To You, Mrs. Robinson
Stephen Reichert An Interview with Stephen Cushman
Alberto Ríos An Interview with Bonnie Lee Sinclair
Stephen Cushman
  • Hornet's Nest
  • Dido and the Arrow
  • Crush
  • Intimate
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Heart Island
Bennie Lee Sinclair
  • Biography
  • The Conditions
Paul Guest
  • The Ghost of Foghorn Leghorn Speaks of Unrequited Love
  • The Romance of Stillness
Phillip Corwin Saharan Thoughts
Kim Bridgford
  • Along the Edges
  • It's Something Near
Linda Holden Born Into Slavery
Ruth Latta At Needle Point
Catharine Savage Brosman
  • Darby House
  • Near the Gers
Jan Bailey Thinking of the Bride when She Mentions Waiting
Robert Parham Of Those Who Keep the Night
Edward Bartok-Baratta
  • Annie
  • Army
Jim Redmond
  • At a Bridge Above the Cottonwood River
  • Learning to Walk
Michael Sowder October: Watching Orion
Brent Jason Royster Shallows Beneath a Nelected Trestle
Terry L. Kennedy
  • Untitled
  • Everything Matters
  • The Loneliness of Cows
Bonny Barry Sanders What Ghiberti Knew
Jay Johnson Support Group
David Middleton
  • After Bust of a Female Nude by J.F. Millet (1814-1875)
  • After Killing the Hog by J.F. Millet (1814-1875)
James Doyle
  • Boating
  • The Scarecrow
Rob Cook The Pocono Migration
Floyd Skloot The Developers
Ruth Latta Tomato Can
Lyn Lifshin Going to the Catholic School
Peter Tomassi
  • Outside a Ship Near Old Havana
  • Man Resoling Sneakers
A.M. Juster Fugitive Son
G.C. Waldrep
  • Emendation
  • It Is Not Possible, Then
  • Elberta
Earl Coleman Well-Traveled Path
Eric P. Levy Meditations on Place
Steven Frye Cave Paintings
Dan MacLean Picayune
Kevin J. H. Dettmar Playing Hard Ball
Sean O'Sullivan High, and Low, Society
Joe Scotchie Plain Americans
Bob Klein Prince Hal Laughing
David Aiken Defending Magnolias: A Response to Bruce Baker
John Curtis The Other Baseball
Michael Marsh More Than a Game
Martin Jacobi Baseball as American Pivot
Jarret Keene The Ghosts of Ron Rash's South
Lee Morrissey Stanley Fish on Milton
Frank Day Critical Notices
Richard Orodenker Peeler-to-Fehler-to-Schraf