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Volume 36, Number 1, Fall 2003

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Jeanette Shumaker Fallen Madonnas in Late Victorian Fiction: Kate Chopin's and Grant Allen's Ambivalence about Sacrifice
Marshall Bruce Gentry Susan as Susanna in E. L. Doctorow's The Book of Daniel
Emily Hoffman Supply and Demand in the Bedroom: Or the Cross-Purposes of Andre Debus and Todd Field
Eugene Dubnov The Second Sunday in October
Bryant Mangum The Palms
Gregory S. Phillian My Confession
Mark Wisniewski A Good, Cheap Thrill
Nancy Middleton Food, Clothing, Shelter
Benjamin Swire Walter Cronkite with Hospital Corners
Karon G. Luddy Ticket to Ride
Teresa S. Mathers Fourth of July
Timothy S. Sedore "The American 'I'": An Interview with Richard Rodriguez
Josephine Pallos A Green Thought in a Green Shade: Interview with Kathleen Halme
Kathryn Kirkpatrick
  • Beneath the Confederate Flag
  • Sleeping with Books
Eileen Hennessy Something Like an Echo, Somewhere
Anthony Fusco Running with the Bulls
Joseph Chaney Little Magazine Morning Song
Earl Coleman The Information of the Blood
W. T. Pfefferle Texas (for Chet Hicks)
Fred Yannantuono The Necessity of Lead
Bootz Zlatnikovich My Dad's Harley
Nancy Swanson Gift
Elizabeth Kerlikowske Doc Is Not a God against the Snow
Warren Slesinger The Virtue of Loneliness
Susanne Kort Impersonating Grandma
Michael D. Riley My Imaginary Great-Grandparents in Old Atlantic City
William Doreski
  • Arriving Naked at a Men's Shop
  • It's Not the Heat but the Humanity
Melissa Stein Oil
Michael Sowder
  • Fishing, His Birthday
  • The Lost Verse
Tony Morris Field Mouse and Falcon
Susan Zenker Cinema Park
Philip Memmer The Anarchist's Widow
Cindy Monroe Reparations
Nancy Dew Taylor Conversation
Tara Powell Dawn Walk, Last of January
Catharine Ingraham Scaling
Charles Wyatt
  • View of the Weeds in a Field
  • Buttercup
Walt McDonald Honkey Tonk Blues
Phil Bowman Dry Spell in South Carolina
Claire Bateman Spark
Taj Jackson Describing our southern
Glenn Cheney Two Women of the Estrada Real
William Richardson Patrimony: A Country Life
Catharine Savage Brosman Objective Values in Poetry: The Louisiana Connection
Susan Meyers The Self and Higher Ground
John Shelton Reed Hank Done It This-a-Way
Frederick W. Shilstone It Takes a Gang
Matthew Brennan Epiphanies at the MegaMart
David Aiken I Loves You, Porgy
Randall Ivey Look Homeward, Poets!
James Everett Kibler Claiming Conservatism
J. W. Moses They'd Rather Be Right