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Volume 36, Number 2, Spring 2004

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Christopher Dickey Firebombings: From My Father's Wars to Mine
John L. Idol, Jr. Muting the Satirist: The Satire of Thomas Wolfe's O Lost
Shawn Holliday Thomas Wolfe's "Web of Earth" and Modernist Orality
Shelley Sharp Dirst From The Hour-Glass to At the Hawk's Well: Revisions toward an Idealized Theater
Mark I. West Godzilla and His Progeny: Why American Children Like Japanese Monsters
Stephen Jones Captivity Narrative 109
Michael Doherty Those Tender Mayfly Childhood Sweetheart Games
W. S. Doxey Bear
Melvin Sterne Thanksgiving
Daniel Presnell Mermaids of the Saluda
William Baer On the Waterfront: An Interview with Bud Schulberg
Ace Boggess Religious Leaders Urge Tolerance among Faiths
Margaret Muirhead Night Swimming at Walden
Kathleen Flenniken Calling Up Ghosts
Virgil Suarez
  • Cold Run, or Gearhead Ars Poetica
  • Coil
  • Dagger
  • San Martin de Porres Calls Himself "Perro Mulato"
Gail White Post Diagnosis
Susanne Kort Morning
John Davis
  • Mortification
  • The Trek
Judith Strasser What It Takes to Restore the Tall-Grass Prairie
Rick Piet The Bed
Thomas Luedtke Back Hair
Jan Bailey Plate of Oranges
Ronald Moran
  • Bacchus
  • Joey's Compasses
  • Jonathan's Prologue
  • Jonathan's Poems
Ron McFarland
Patricia Roth Schwartz Fly-Boy
Elizabeth Murawski
  • April in Martins Ferry, Ohio
  • Old Picture: Mother and Daughter
John McKernan
  • Your Mother's Fingerprint
  • Fifth Grade Cloak Room
David Rachel Partisans
Mary Ellis Gibson Carolina Snow
Peter Ludwin New Year's Day on the Natchez Trace
Gary Every Apache Bats
Scott Brennan The Ghosts of Mexico City
John Struloeff Logger, 43, Divorced
Lyn Lifshin Because of This We Were Late, Everything Got Mixed Up, Later I Broke the Door. Or, the Leaving
James Doyle
  • Wine Tasting
  • The Deer Have Impeccable Clocks
Brad Buchanan The Second Chance
Jennifer MacPherson Battle Music
Carl Auerbach Academic Advertisement
Julie Hill Barton Sinker
William Joliff Honey Hollowell and the War, Youth Explosion '73
Yvonne Higgins Leach Born Again to My Father
Skip Eisiminger An English Friendship
Vince Clemente Some Lines—Lifelines—in John Ciardi
Anis Shivani We Are All Balkan Today
Carmel Jordan Blossoms of the Rarest Type
Skip Eisiminger
  • So Much of Fragmentary Blue
  • A Bowl of Cherries
Helen Marie Casey What Shipley Harvests
Matthew Brennan The Shape of a Story
Randall Ivey Everything Old Is New Again
Jeff Love Russia and the Modern World
Jennifer L. Collins Humanity and Nature
Susan Meyers Paying Attention to the World


As we go to press, we sadly acknowledge the death (on March 18, 2004) of Editor Emeritus Richard J. Calhoun. As one of the founding editors, he will be remembered by his friends and colleagues in a special tribute planned for the Fall 2004 issue of The South Carolina Review, which will be dedicated to him. —WKC