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Volume 37, Number 1, Fall 2004

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Richard J. Calhoun A Study of the New Criticism
Jan Nordby Gretlund Mark Twain and Europe
Janis E. Haswell The Craft of the Short Story in Retelling the Viet Nam War: Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried
Timothy S. Sedore Who Is Sonny Baca? Nashville, Rudolfo Anaya's New Mexico, and the American South
Kenneth Payne Guy and Bruno, Bruno and Guy: American Masculinity and "Everyday" Schizophrenia in Patricia Highsmith's Strangers on a Train
Gregory Sanders Good Witch, Bad Witch
Kevin Frazier Cosmonauts
Judith McGinn Secret Burial
Patrick J. Murphy Port and Starboard Liberty
Lois Taylor Take That
Steinur Bell Someone Had to Tell Them
Sandra Novack A Good Woman's Love
Joseph Bates Butterfinger
Wayne K. Chapman et al. Richard J. Calhoun (1926-2004)
Meredith Clermont-Ferrand A Weapons Inspector Calls on Mad George Dubya: An Interview with Justin Butcher
Robert Hahn "Working the Whole Surface": A Conversation with Chris Wallace-Crabbe
Ronald Moran The Offertory
W. Dale Nelson Morning Report
Catharine Savage Brosman
  • Ghost Ranch
  • Georgia's Ladders
Larsen Bowker Where Language Withers
Charles M. Israel
  • Vespers in B-Flat
  • VFW Nights
Rawdon Tomlinson Refuge
William Bedford Clark
  • Baton Rouge
  • Otto Hinckelmann, Pianist
  • Lawncare
Marcia Garcia Tabor La Mano (The Hand)
Marcel Gauthier Drought, Lake Brandt
Joseph Bathanti Peaches
D. R. Goodman Gradients
Earl Coleman A Private Moment on the Lot
Richard N. Bentley At the Bluegrass Festival
Judith Cody How to Make a Ghost
Kelly Jean White
  • May 7, 1968
  • May 7, 1974
  • May 7, 1985
  • May 7, 1982
Elvira Bennett Walker
Susanne Kort Stain
Robert Cosgriff High School Huntress
Helen Marie Casey
  • Travel Plans
  • In Provence
John Grey In the Mexican Village
Anne Coray Insect Invective
Thomas Dukes Wild Turkeys at Brokensword Creek
Richard Allen Taylor Calendar Girl
Ellen Wehle In the Public Gardens
Kathleen Driskell Field Trip to the Neighborhood Firehouse
Peter Serchuk At the Sanctuary for Damaged Birds
John R. Hilden The Old Neighborhood
Kirsten Berkey-Abbott Modern Abolitionist
Cameron Webster Convergence
M. A. Schaffner Fall
Mark A. Burke Woolen Song
Elizabeth Crowell The Boy Who Sleepwalked Out the Window
Nancy Naomi Carlson Bounty of Light
Gregory Crosby Little Girl Blue
Jim Daniels January Drift
Liz Robbins To My Father, After Eye Surgery
Jeff Knorr The Law of the Wind
Eugene Dubnov
  • The Afghani Man Explained
  • Passages
  • The Wintry Garden
Kathleen Zamboni McCormick Why Is God in Daddy's Slippers?
Bill Koon Quaint and Curious
Skip Eisiminger An Apology for Expediency
David Blair A Voice-Driven Fable
Gilbert Allen Well Said
Ellen Wehle Around the Edges of Nonsense
Joe Scotchie Can't Free Conservatism
James Everett Kibler On Slipping Outside the Paradigm
Susan Meyers Earthbound Philosopher
David Middleton Playing Tennis Without a Net
Joe Scotchie The Last Great Virginian