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Volume 37, Number 2, Spring 2005

Themed Issue: James Dickey Revisited

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Skip Eisiminger, Dan Wueste, Cathy Sams (introductions)
Christopher Dickey The Sharks in the Parlor: Fact, Fiction, and Foreign Policy
Wayne Chapman A Celebration of James Dickey
Bronwen Dickey The Truth as "Lie": James Dickey and the Spirit of Poetic Revelation
Skip Eisiminger A Year with James Dickey
Casey Clabough Elements of Dickey's Fiction
John Lane On the Chattooga
Sue Walker Woman as Nature/Nature as Woman: Interiority and Exteriority, Psychic Life, the Environment, and the Deep Ecology of James Dickey
Wayne Chapman Introduction
Kevin Dickey Comments on "The Sheep Child" and "The Bee"
Sue Walker To Create Contiguity: James Dickey and the Word
Robert W. Hill
  • Borges Essaying a Poem on James Dickey Essaying a Poem on the Impending Blindness of Borges
  • J the Pretender
  • Sweet Pea
  • Of All Possible
Jane Hill
  • Wreckage Forever
  • Ode to a Clay Pot
  • Men without War
  • Parents Like Pigs
  • Dancing in Paradise
John Lane
  • Outing Program
  • The Fear Program
  • First Psalm of the Mad Kayaker
Catharine Savage Brosman Dickey at Rice
David Middleton The Progress of the Moon
Alma Bennett Introduction
Wayne Chapman Dickey Redivivus: Appearances at Clemson, 1966-1986
Allison Kellar James Dickey: An Exploration of "Exchanges"
Janice Standridge Researching Dickey's "Falling"
Jessica Stender Dickeys "The Eagle's Mile" in the Making
Ben Greer
  • Jim Dickey's Last Assignment
  • Terminal
Ross Norton Deliverance Road Excursion (Photography)
Bill Koon Introduction
James F. Barker "I Never Lock My Door When I Go Out": Attitude and Place in the American Small Town
Bill Koon "If You Lived in Clay": The Small Towns of Eudora Welty and William Faulkner
Alma Bennett "Places and Images / Loci and Imagines" as an Evolving Pedagogy
Richard Rankin Hunting for God: James Kilgo's Nonfiction as Spiritual Autobiography
Katherine Reynolds Chaddock John Andrew Rice: Coming to Terms with Self and South
Murzban F. Shroff Meter Down
Nancy Middleton Fruit
brian david cinadr the brief gravity of the earth and eighteen
Mark Powell Snodgrass Hill
Jacob M. Appel Bury Me Someplace Warm and Lovely
Katherine Halme That Ocean in Which Dropped Things Are Bound to Sink
Pippa Coulter Abston Signs
Pit Menousek Pinegar Between
Richard Band Mother Goose Confidential
Joan Payne Kincaid Sometimes Life Gets Its Act Together
Mark DeFoe The Possibility of Goodness in a Small Town
Florence Whitcher Good-for-You
Janet McCann After the Unitarian Service
Michael Cadnum Fire Hazard
Traci L. Slatton The Kama Sutra/Torah
David Witherspoon The Sound of Both Hands Flapping
Warren Slesinger Wednesday
Robert Cooperman The Long Black Veil (a sequence in four parts)
Amy Beth Forslin Poet to Poet
Carol Parris Krauss
  • Fly-Fishing the Pigeon
  • This Is Not 907 Whitehead Street
Jonathan Wells Escape Artist
S. D. Dillon From Meditations on Ruskin in Oxford's Ashmolean Museum
Tim Myers Old House
David Lawrence Like the Good Old Times
Diane Shipley DeCillis Weeping Women
R. G. Cantalupo Letter to a Fiction Writer
Elisabeth Murawski The Fall
Adam Peltz Of Dun Laoghaire
B. D. Love Declan
Karla Clark Nebula Sixteen
Tom C. Hunley
  • Infinite Loop, a New Novel by David Foster Wallace
  • Glenn Miller's Time
Katherine Acker An Easy Guide to Pickinese
Charis Chapman Separated by a Common Language? or ESL for English-Speakers
Vince Clemente Paul Engle's Long Reach: From Iowa City to Long Island
Skip Eisiminger White Water and Black Rocks
Casey Clabough Two Views of the Mountains: Appalachian Literature at a Crossroads
Colin D. Pearce From Old South to New
Martin Jacobi From Rhetrickery to Rhetorotology
Donna Haisty Winchell When the Patterns Are Taken Away
Wayne Chapman Press Notices