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Volume 38, Number 2, Spring 2006

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James Ballowe The Reinventions of Laurence Lieberman
Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina Bushmen and Blackface: Bloomsbury and "Race"
Wayne K. Chapman Last Respects: The Posthumous Editing of Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath
Elizabeth Anderson Stansell "Somebody Else Will Have to Write Their Poems": Ted Hughes and the Evolution of "Skylarks"
Patricia L. Bradley Robert Penn Warren, Thomas Wolfe, and the Problem of Autobiography
William Bedford Clark Warren and Pasinetti: A Study in Friendship
Joseph Scotchie Warren, Bellow, and the Changing Tides
Steven D. Ealy "A Friendship That Has Meant So Much": Robert Penn Warren and Ralph W. Ellison
Daniel Cross Turner Modern Primitives: Mergings in the Poetry of Robert Penn Warren and James Dickey
Joseph Millichap Robert Penn Warren, David Milch, and the Literary Contexts of Deadwood
Nathan Leslie The Fire Pit
Heather Herrman Monsoon
Margaret Hermes Primo Class
Stephen Morison Love Stories
Gary Fincke Dead in Dog Years
E. B. Vandiver Fast Like That
Nic Brown The Neighbor's Yard
Skip Eisiminger et al. Fred Shilstone, 1948-2005
Mark Royden Winchell Robert Penn Warren: Genius Loves Company
Duff Brenna Secondary Educations: An Interview with Greg Herriges
Laurence Lieberman The Illimitable Line: Lessons of the Wax Pen
Susan Meyers Shelling, Hunting Island
Carolyn Moore The Cul-de-Sac's Crone Censures Her Neighbor with Quince
Cheryl Ruggiero Last Anthropology Lecture of Professor Marietta Stanfield
Jason Miller The Wood Ibis
Richard Taylor A Brief History of Ordinary Things
Terri McCord Color Theories
Scott Glassman You're Right
Earl Coleman The Man Who Took Her Away From All That
Kathryn Kirkpatrick
  • Made in Mexico
  • Post-Lapsarian
Tom Jamieson Pete Johnson on Piano
Gilbert Allen The Very Last Supper
Jan Bailey
  • The Garden
  • Bardo
Travis Wayne Denton
  • Open Windows
  • Unplanning Our Lives
Charles M. Israel, Jr. Cooking Poem
Frederick Foote The Hurt Fayadeen
Elisabeth Murawski Poetic Justice
K. Naomi Hann Dog Star
Jack Granath Dream of Death
Harambee Grey-Sun Belligerent Design
Paul Freidinger Demons in a Low Country Summer
Lisa Hammond Rashley Wards for the Boo Hag
Ruth Holzer
  • The Ontological Cafe
  • Woman at a Counter, Smoking, N.Y.C.
Ben Greer
  • Old Blood
  • The Annual Physical
Kimberly L. Becker Sebago Lake
Chad Prevost The Man with the Artificial Heart
Tom Holmes This Is It
Mitchell Metz After the Film
Sonja James The White Spider in My Hand
Larsen Bowker When the River Runs Clear
Christine Kravetz Ascension Day
Jenny Benjamin-Smith
  • Mother's Day
  • Feeding
James B. Goode Flight from Logic for a Young Professor Presenting "Deviate, Alchemize: Surrealism and the Dreams Dreams Are Made Of"
T. Alan Broughton Running into Age
Jean-Mark Sens
  • Ant Wire Sculpture
  • Nude at Rowan Oak
Dan Stryk Sleeping by the River, Nearing Fifty Drizzle Wetting My Gruff Beard
Laura Hope-Gill Siesta Key Sestina
Ronald Moran
  • Man with a Metal Detector, Early Morning on the Beach
  • My Mother Likes Her Coffee Strong
Lisken Van Pelt Dus
  • Disintegration
  • Homemade Pasta
Lyn Lifshin Fashion City
Edith Cheitman F-Stop--An Interview
Ronald Briggs Agee's All-Nighter
Peter Ludwin Fox
Paulann Peterson Why the World Isn't Flat
Fred D. White
  • Deep-Sea Secrets
  • Divorce
James P. Cantrel Walking toward Redemption
Helen Marie Casey A Risk-taking Feat
Jennifer Lauren Collins A Sampling of Moments
Charis Chapman Just a Touch of Love
Skye Suttie A Welcoming Overabundance of Modernism
Catharine Savage Brosman Doing Justice to the Visible
Allison Brooke Kerns Unfulfilled Ambition
Linda Lappin Unabashed, Astringent Satire
Wayne K. Chapman Peace Projects
Elizabeth Anderson Stansell Teetering on the Brink