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Volume 39, Number 1, Fall 2006

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Kara Baldwin "Incredible Eloquence": How Ron Rash's Novels Keep the Celtic Literary Tradition Alive (includes "Ron Rash Bibliography," compiled in 2003 by Maureen Lee and John Lee)
Terry W. Thompson "The Demon Lover": Elizabeth Bowen's "Unashamed Retelling" of "The Jolly Corner"
Lisa Dallape Matson The Liturgical Year and Rebirth in Eudora Welty's The Optimist's Daughter
Jan Nordby Gretlund Time Is: Pam Durban
Susan Hawkshaw Carlisle Floyd as Librettist: Structure, Characters, and Language in Opera and the Fusion with Music
Lawrence M. Ginsburg "Happyville" Deconstructed: An Over-Caricatured Landmark in Southern Jewish History
Dennis McFadden Old Grimes
Frank Durham Supplying Audubon
Craig Hartglass Mexico
Philip K. Edwards Why Wagon Wheels Go Backwards
Gretchen Comba The Close and Faraway
Tim Keppel Paternity
Clarissa Romano Predicting the Weather
Vince Clemente John Steinbeck's Sag Harbor: That Place for the Heart to Rest
Peter Thabit Jones
  • An Interview with Aeronwy Thomas
  • An Interview with Martin Holroyd, Aeronwy Thomas's Publisher
Christine Shives The Year of Beckett, Spring Season
Peter Layton Cut Open Cut
Jeanette Karhi Galveston, 1900
Mike Jurkovic Pale Diaspora
M. A. Schaffner
  • Anchor Away
  • Revelation
  • A Short History of the Art of War
Anne Pierson Wiese Gift Basket for a Madman
Thomas Dorsett A Postcard from Schrodinger's Cat
Brandi Homan Driving at Twilight
Andrea Quaid Luck
Marcia L. Hurlow Practice
Douglas Smith
  • Study in Winter with Grave and Bird
  • A Dog Shall Walk through the Open Gate of a Psalm
Susan Lewis A Summary
Jeanne Emmons Jasper
Peter Serchuk
  • The Banished Men
  • Trees of New England
Stanley M. Noah black birds in the tree house saloons
Gary Every
  • Emu Ranching
  • Soul Photos
Maria Fire Unkind Words
Ed Madden Molasses
Tanya Stepan Even As I Load the Dishwasher
Jean-Mark Sens Downtown Arts
J. Rodney Karr The Texture of Bridges
Natasha Marin This Is Lascaux
Rick Mulkey Physics 101: Principia Corporis
Jennifer MacPherson Menopause in March
Gerald Zipper History
Ellen Sullins Emily's Father
Lyn Lifshin The Black Silk Skirt Falling
Michelle Brooks The Blade and the Wing
Mary P. Chatfield Carrying the Kayaks
James Doyle Gaslight New York
Sharon Doyle At the Vanishing Point
David Salner A Letter from the U. P. Line
D M Gordon Bulls
Charles Cantrell Blank Slate
Christine Stewart-Nuñez Power
Natalia Zaretsky What Is Important?
Robert Parham
  • The Dark Car Enters
  • Winter, Savannah, 2001
Thomas Dukes Abiding Light
Peter Roberts squinting into darkness
Jeff Grinnell Conjuring the Raptor
William Winfield Wright The Wasps That Sting Our Hearts
Lori Kagan Jazz Musician, 1933
Robert Hill Long Walking Wounded
Christian Knoeller Picturing an Abandoned Farm
Karon Luddy At Least I'm Not a Dancer
Skip Eisiminger The Language of Race
John Wenke The Place That Is Hell
Anis Shivani Narcissism 101
Helen Marie Casey Montgomery's Lens
Arthur McMaster Last Work
Catherine E. Paul The Culture of Controversy
Anne Marie Rogers Hope through Advent Candles
Susan Meyers Family Antics
Olga Volkova On the Road: Exploring or Exploiting?
Valerie Nieman The Algebra of Daily Living
Elizabeth Stansell Blinded by the Light
Scott Ricketts The Struggle of Class Ascendancy
Joe Scotchie A Bundle of Contradictions
Wayne K. Chapman Museums, Libraries, and the World of Words