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Volume 39, Number 2, Spring 2007

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Ann Patchett The Right to Read: The Clemson Convocation Address of 2006
Maura Harrington Born in Brooklyn's Bifocal View of Time and Space: John Montague as a Hybridized Irish American
Matthew C. Brennan The Nature of Simms's Southern Ecology
Beatrice Naff Bailey Broadcasting and Preserving Upcountry Music Near and Far
Robert C. Cheeks A Pair of Moles: Robert Penn Warren and William Styron
Tony Morris Apocalypse and Redemption: The Life and Works of Robert Penn Warren and Robert Lowell
James A. Grimshaw, Jr. Robert Penn Warren and Albert Russell Erskine, Jr.: A Sixty-Year Friendship
Kenneth Payne The Korean Conflict and American Cold War Masculinity: The Vet as Tough-Guy in Ed Lacy's Sin in Their Blood (1952)
Ronald Frame Carolina Reel
Gay Giordano This Apparently Tranquil Sea
Michael Parker Go Ugly Early
J. D. Chapman King of the World
Edward Doughtie Headache
Lewis Schrager The Retreat
Aaron Gilbreath Scooter Freaks, Chicken Fat, and Trashbearing Nudists: Brock Clarke's Literary Warp Zone
Alberto Ríos An Interview with Bonnie Lee Sinclair
Christine Shives The Year of Beckett, Fall Season
Niall McGrath
Kathryn Kirkpatrick
James Doyle
Anne Coray
Jeanne Emmons Planting Poetry
Paul Freidinger At the End of a Day
Catharine Savage Brosman
  • Malraux at the Elysee Palace
  • Under the Pergola
Phebe Davidson Sea Oats
Judith H. Montgomery Sylvia in Winter
Edward Haworth Hoeppner Painting of Dunes, Left to Right
Gary Every
  • Sparrows
  • The Cave of Shanidar
Hannah Selinger Cellar Poem
Kirk Nesset End of Rain
Linda Swanberg Trout Lillies
Warren Slesinger Heartache, Heartbeat, Heartbreak
Susanna Rich
  • Pentecost Sunday: Matyas Church, Budapest
  • Buying My Father Shoes
Becky Gould Gibson Demeter's Kitchen
Frank Jamison Whole Cloth
Lisa L. Siedlarz Backyard Physics
Jeanne Frank From My Vintage
Gerald M. Smith The Pilgrim's Procrastination

Skip Eisiminger

Honk If You Love Voltaire: A Religious Life
Lisa M. Fiander Books Talking to Each Other
Skip Eisiminger A Fall Bloomer
Frank Day Sewing a Parthenon in Two

Robert C. Cheeks

Raising the Question of History
Robert Gover The Soft Gleam of the Comical
Tracy K. Parker South Asian Literature in English
Charis Chapman Puckering on Life's Lemons
Wayne K. Chapman Chapbook Histories