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Volume 40, Number 1, Fall 2007

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Terry W. Thompson "A Journey": Edith Wharton's Homage to F. Marion Crawford's "The Upper Berth"
Wiley Cash Fred Chappell's I Am One of You Forever
Thomas Dillon Redshaw The Noble Labor of Liam Miller: Making The Yeats Papers, 1959-1979
Robert Stewart Passing the Test of Time: The Essays of Thomas E. Kennedy
Walter Cummins The Revelation of Character Inside and Out: A Comparison of the First and Most Recent Novels of Thomas E. Kennedy
H. R. Stoneback "Strange Caterwauling": Singing in the Wilderness with Boone & Audobon, Elizabeth Madox Roberts & Robert Penn Warren
Mark Royden Winchell Cleanth Brooks and Robert Penn Warren: A Beautiful Friendship
Denis McFadden The House on Denty Road
Dave Yost Stumpy
Meagan Cass Pas de Chat
Linda Lappin Hotel Beau Rivage, 1918
Kate Myers Hanson Pilgrims
Stephen Coyne Still Life
Melanie Tortoroli A View from Across the Sea: An Interview with Thomas E. Kennedy
Laurence Lieberman Marooned
Meredith Davies Hadaway
  • My Father Brings Jacques Cousteau Home for Dinner
  • DVD
Elisabeth Murawski Scene: Assateague
Gary J. Maggio The Actor
Antler What Happens
Steven Winn Freestyle
Molly Lynn Watt
  • Denali
  • Negatives
Rose Black Before It Collapses
Noel Conneely
  • My Mother's Aunt
  • Into the Evening
Bill Brown
  • The Snake-owl
  • Lake Isle of Tennessee
Charles Tisdale Family Plot
Sharon Black Orange War
Doris Ferleger Flooding and Floating
Biman Roy The Way I Would Like to Die
Jim Daniels Tightening the Vise
Jane Owens Saieva Vermeer Days, Rembrandt Nights
Michael Cadnum Foreign Tongue
Lois Klein
  • Mere Ink
  • Night Vision
Mary Jean Klimenko
  • Cowboy Love Songs One
  • Cowboy Love Songs Two
Mary Elizabeth Ladd
  • Imagine Mars
  • Sacajawea, I'm Just a Fan
Robert Parham The Neighbor Who Fells Trees
Theodore Worozbyt Wilderness Neighborhood
Earl M. Coleman Sam
Lyn Lifshin
  • First It Was a Bandage Change, a Bent Screw
  • July 1, Tiger Lilies at the New York House
Sharon Doyle Moon River
Iris Miller
  • In a Painting by Chagall
  • A Woman Can't Sleep after Listening to the News
Aaron Clayton A Limited Probability
Donna Whicher Fields Stretching On
Georgia Ressmeyer
  • Today I Threw My Watch Away
  • Lost Therapist
M. A. Schaffner
  • The Print Shop on Washington Street
  • More Thoughts on the Civil War in North America
Carol Parris Krauss Calvary Steps Closer to West Virginia
Elizabeth Schott After Pentecost
Michael D. Riley Up the Stairs
Dan Stryk Meditation During Flu
Alex M. Frankel After Trying to Sleep I Am Afraid
Donna L. Emerson Bathing with Ponge
Tony Christini Texas Time
Sandra Cuza Cross, Candle, and Iemanja
Edmond deRubeis In Search of Marietta
Susan Lumenello Hello, I Must Be Going
Tom Lombardo Annus Mirabilis
Skip Eisiminger Signs, Sounds, and Sense
Martin Jacobi Caring About Truth
Ann Russell A Sad but Glorious Life
Gaetano Prampolini Metafiction in the Italianate Novel
Michele F. Cooper and Lee Glantz Humor in Unlikely Places
Carol Peters Rich, Deep Ground
Amy Bickett Transformations in Academic Publishing
Julie Gerdes Tracking Change
Scott D. Elingburg Place as Character: An Expanding Southern Tradition


In our spring 2007 issue, I announced plans to hold in September a 40th-anniversary celebration of The South Carolina Review. Due to a turn of good fortune, I am pleased to say that the College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities is going to see its commitment expanded to a fully fledged Clemson Literary Festival (6-8 March 2008), with SCR's fortieth celebration nested at its core. The deadline for our poetry contest has also been extended—to March 15, 2008. See back cover (inside). —WKC