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Volume 40, Number 2, Spring 2008

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Alice Maud Guldbrandsen and Thomas E. Kennedy Thomas E. Kennedy Bibliography
Richard Michelson Leonard and Ted (and Me)
Elizabeth Stansell Masks and Whispers: The Complementary Poetry of Richard Michelson and Ted Hughes
Duff Brenna Thomas E. Kennedy's Copenhagen Quartet
Emily Atkins "Study That Tree": The Iconic Stage in Purgatory and Waiting for Godot
Janis Haswell Art: The Rebirth of Innocence in John Gardner's "Vlemk the Box-Painter"
Jennifer Larsen "Plotting the Benefit of the Human Race": The Freedmen's Bureau in John William De Forest's Miss Ravenel's Conversion and A Union Officer in Reconstruction
John Idol The Unities in Thomas Wolfe's "The Web of Earth," "I Have a Thing to Tell You," and The Party at Jacks
Frank Day Donne in Empson's Letters
Forrest Anderson Coupons
Thomas E. Kennedy Let Everyone Forget Everyone
Brandon Wicks The Oubliette
Ric Jahna Hurricane Party, 2002
Joe Scotchie Norman Mailer: An Appreciation
Peter Moore The Doppel Gang
Mike Jurkovic Cattle Map
Steven B. Katz Beyond Yeats's Grave (illustrated)
Donald Illich Fireworks
M. K. Meder
  • Last Respects
  • Fragments of a Poem by Archilochus: Papyrus and Ink
Krikor Nazar Der Hohannesian The Secret: Djamangeen gar ooo chagar (A Long Time Ago There Was and There Wasn't)
Christian Teresi The Dead and The Field Guide to North American Birds
Eric Davis
  • Petit Manan
  • The Winner
Gladys Carr Personal (via Heraclitus@hotmail)
Chapman Hood Frazier The Frozen Embryo
Patricia Polak Sketchbook with Thoroughbred Hack
Ronald Moran
James Francis Cahillane Monsters
Elisabeth Murawski
Robin Shectman Lake Almanor
Rachel De Baere Gone to Roady's
Arthur Powers Jardim Zoologico (Rio di Janeiro, 1999)
Charles Cantrell Dark Art
Perie Longo What I Forgot to Write
W. Dale Nelson Lakewood Center Idyll
Elizabeth Boleman-Herring Falling Down the Stairs at Fifty-Five
Myron Ernst My Evening Cigarillo
K. E. Duffin Answering Machine Elegy
D. E. Zuccone Three Portraits, Frida, Diego, and Lola
LuAnn Keener-Mikenas Greek Tragedy
Erich Hintze Hurry
E. M. Schorb New Year Near the Hudson
Lance Wilcox Tossing the Books
Terry Ehret How Words Began
Janet Carr Hull The Moment of Forgetfulness
Ted Lord Momentarily
Michael Salcman The Body Painted in Grief
Christian Knoeller Autumn on the Chilkat
Skip Eisiminger Return to the Dementia Wards
Kathleen Groll Connolly Dear Madeleine
Nathan F. Elmore Revelry and Liturgy: On the Cultic Rite of College Football in Clemson, South Carolina
Karon Luddy They Come Rare
Art Young The Pre-Raphs and Illicit Love
Skip Eisiminger Basketball's "Pistol Pete"
Helen Marie Casey History, Poetry, and Genre-Stretching
Dennis Sampson God in the Details
John Perryman Black Americans in the War for Independence
Ronald Moran Cleverly and Cunningly Created
Frank Day Between Allah and the Dutch Constitution
Elizabeth Stansell Flashes of Brilliance
Catharine Savage Brosman Morceaux de ciel, presque rien (Bits of Sky, Almost Nothing) by Claude Esteban


During the month after the Clemson Literary Festival/SCR 40th-anniversary celebration, the winners of our poetry contest were picked by distinguished poet Laurence Lieberman. The winners are as follows: First Prize, George Drew for "Blessed"; Second Prize, David Hopes for "In a Summer of Almost Too Much Light"; Third Prize, Hastings Hensel for "Duck Blind." The Honorable Mention status was conferred to three poets: Ellaraine Lockie for "Autopsy Means to See with One’s Own Eyes," Susan Rich for "Hunger Is the Best Cook," and Thomas Cofield for "Igneous Carolinas: A Day in Five Perspectives." Look for these poems in the opening section of SCR 41.1 (Fall 2008), accompanied by observations by Lieberman as well as anecdotes and prognostications by Clemson’s first SCR managing editor (Bill Koon) and its present one, yours truly. —WKC