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Volume 41, Number 1, Fall 2008

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Bill Koon Parallel Lives
Wayne K. Chapman Our Once and Future Aspirations: The South Carolina Review Since the 1990s
Kenneth Payne Hal Darling, "Half-Pint Atlas": Ed Lacy's Visionary Private Eye in Strip for Violence (1953)
James Reitter The Legacy of Three Southern Civil War Poets: Henry Timrod, Paul Hamilton Hayne, and Sidney Lanier
Catharine Savage Brosman Constance Fenimore Woolson and the South
Jeanette Roberts Shumaker Degeneration and Mesmerism in Wilkie Collins's Heart and Science
Terry W. Thompson "He Sprang to the Machine": "The Secret [Technological] Life of Walter Mitty"
Mark Spencer The Dark Side of the Renaissance: Par Lagerkvist's The Dwarf
Ronald Frame The Americanization of Weaverie Wabster
Laura Hogan Variations on a Theme
Gary Fincke Black Smoke, White Smoke
Elaine Foster Palencia The Princess Del Sarto
Adam Peterson The Mortar of Fourths
Kim Chinquee Olives and Fruit
Joe Scotchie Mark Royden Winchell: Last of the Vanderbilt Greats
Joey Schumacher On Considering Perspectives: A Discussion with Vivian Shipley
Claudia Labin An Interview with Will Allison on His Debut Novel What You Have Left
Vince Clemente Notes from an Archivist
Joel Allegretti Lot's Wife
Vivian Shipley Nature, Red in Tooth and Claw
Rebecca J. Foust
Michele Santamaria
Randy Blythe The Fruit Thereof
Ken Autrey Baggage
Lyn Lifshin On the Day of the Longest Light
Rita Signorelli-Pappas Epilogue for Baucis and Philemon
Devin Brown Metaphor: Seeing One Thing as Another
Jessica Harmon Moving Countries, Schizophrenic
Bonnie Standard Shades of Gospel
Ronald Moran
Maureen McHugh After Edward Munch's Madonna
Hannah Craig Letter to Myself after a Fender-Bender
Terry Ann Thaxton Haircut
Karen Hildebrand 1968
Gary Every
Kristin Berkey-Abbott Lying in State
A. Mary Murphy Irish Arithmetic
Roger Desy After a Famine
Larsen Bowker Marco Polo, Stella and Bengal Lights
Gary Leising
  • Killer Whale Swallows Marine Park Tourist
  • Open Accounts
Charlotte Pence Gardening on Sunday
Adam Vines Almost Clean
Chris Bullard Pines
James Doyle Charleston Railroad Depot, 1866
William L. Ramsey A Note on Surplus Value
Jan Hansen Ode to a Reptile
James A. Baker What I Would Tell You
John Grey Martha's Wash Day
David Lawrence Travelogue
C. P. Mangel Redemption
Harry de la Houssaye Cavafy
Miranda Merklein Plymouth Circle
Kelly Terwilliger Horse
Wayne K. Chapman The South Carolina Review Poetry Contest 2007/2008
George Drew Blessed
David Hopes In a Summer of Almost Too Much Light
Hastings Hensel Duck Blind
Thomas Cofield Igneous Carolina: A Day in Five Perspectives
Skip Eisiminger Black Friday: A Love Story
Lokke Heiss Frankenstein and the Matryoshka Chain
John Lane The Girl in the River: The Wild and Scenic Chattooga, Ron Rash's Saints at the River, and the Drowning of Rachel Trois
Jim Megginson Alma Mater She Shall Flourish
Joe Scotchie The People's Historian
Robert C. Cheeks The Resistance
Michele F. Cooper and Lee Glantz Softening the Blows
Art Young Working Through Pain
Kara McManus A Contemporary Lesson in Early-Medieval Literature
Anis Shivani A Consummation
Susan Tekulve The Other Side of Chekhov
Phebe Davidson Worth Every Minute