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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 41, Number 2, Spring 2009

Matthew Boyleston Wild Boar in These Woods: The Influence of Seamus Heaney on the Poetry of Ron Rash
John Idol Darkness and Light in New York City: Thomas Wolfe's Death the Proud Brother
Eamonn Wall The Use of Memory: Michael Coady's All Souls
Catharine Savage Brosman Empire and Order in The Regiment Series by C. L. Skelton
Robert J. Andreach Beth Henley's Later Plays: A New Beginning
Ron Rash Redfish, Possums, and the New South
Amy Root The Darkest Skies in North America
Judy Sobeloff Missing
Karl Harshberger Blueberry Pie
Ryan Stone Man, Woman, Gun
J. T. Bushnell Bricks
Adam J. Scott Recovery
Marilyn Dallman Seymour Ample Ambiguity: Interview with Sheri Reynolds 20 March 2003
Kathryn Kirkpatrick
  • Chemotherapy I
  • Dehydration
James Bland Farewell to Florida
Thomas Dukes For the Queens Who Dragged Marlene Dietrich's Furs across My Life
Lyn Lifshin
  • It Began with the Red Dress
  • Some Afternoons when Nobody Was Fighting
James Navé
  • The French Broad River
  • Five Miles Shy
Carol Peters Dreams of Potatoes
Bill Sweeney Training
Kent Maynard Emptied of Air
Kathleen M. McCann Dorothea Lange's Young Migrant Worker, California, 1936
Daniel Donaghy For a Poet Missing and Presumed Dead
Priscilla Atkins The Secret
Dede Wilson In the Slipper-Shaped Tub
Patricia Corbus Terms
Susannah W. Simpson Lily
Dore Kiesselbach Windmill
Robert Herschbach Appetite
Georgia Ressmeyer Walk the Baby
Mark Belair The Hermit
William Baer Letter of Resignation
Peter Serchuk Old Fashioned
Catharine Savage Brosman By the Black Canyon of the Gunnison
Tom O'Connor Trigger Finger
Rebecca Foust Awake
Jane Downs Mary
Jesse Graves My Sister at Sea
Earl Coleman Mausoleum
Margaret B. Ingraham What History Has to Say
Noel Conneely Taking Wing
Nancy Cherry Cormorant
Rochelle Jewel Shapiro Shaded
Sally Molini Leaving Your House
Earl Coleman How They Kicked Off Their Summer, 2008 Ad Campaign
Josh Watson 1896
Jean Esteve Present to Herself
Ed Madden
  • Poem
  • Family Bible
Michael Shay White Light
Wesley D. Sims Maybe
Slobodanka Lakic Like Tassels around Our Kilim Rug
Sharon Doyle Penny for Candy
Gregory Randall The Tin Man's Lament
Jeffrey N. Johnson Toddler Angst
Joanne Lowery Illegal Immigrants
Rich Ives A Visit to Holland
Daniel Patrick Galvin Growing Up Irish
Jeanne Frank Now That I'm Eighty
Rich Ives A Theory of Relativity
Janet M. Manson Rush Print Pasticherie
Barbara Crooker Moonlight in South Carolina
Susan Larson The Timeless and the Temporal Electrified
Ember Smith Scholarly Editions and the New Media
Ali Ferguson POD Unsugar-coated
Duff Brenna What Good Poets Do
Ann Ratliff Russell A Belle of the South
David Dougherty Fate Conspires to Complicate
John Idol A Sandlapper Thoreau
Jack McLaughlin A Year on the Internet
Frank Day Cleaning Out Rattlesnakes


In the current economic crisis, this issue of The South Carolina Review was made possible because of the generosity of the Robert S. Campbell Endowment at Clemson University.


To Art Young, Robert S. Campbell Professor Emeritus, whose excellent judgment as a reader, writer of criticism, and colleague will be sorely missed by the editors, the English Department, and the university as a whole.