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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 42, Number 1, Fall 2009

King Adkins Eudora Welty's Other Short-Story Cycle: A Reading of A Curtain of Green
Joseph Millichap Courses of Change: Eudora Welty's Southern Rivers
Catharine Savage Brosman The Half-War of Beloved Soldiers (The Regiment Series, Volume 3)
Laura Fine Reframing Responses to Masculine Performances in Barbara Kingsolver's Prodigal Summer
Marion Hodge Aspects of Invention in James Dickey's Poems
Kevin Wilson Housewarming
Jennifer DuBois A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats
Matthew Dulany Mama's Boy
Chad Benson Consider Bolivar
William D. Schaefer Souvenirs
Dennis McFadden Everyday Tragedies
Jon Sealy Lovesick Blues
Joe Scotchie Updike At Rest: An Appreciation
Michael Walls Hard Rain
Darren C. DeMaree Black and White Picture #5
Ronald Moran
Anis Shivani The Childhood of Stalin
Robert Parham Small Fish
Elisabeth Murawski At Seton's Shrine
Greg Weiss Kamikaze
David Lawrence The Porcupine
Nick Conrad Starlings in Passage South
Joseph Voth
  • Meaningful Baseball
  • What, Then
Kevin Marshall Chopson Cerberus
Elizabeth Burk A Cajun Wake
James Doyle
  • The Fortune Teller
  • Good Friday Procession
Melanie Maier Botswana
Jean-Mark Sens Apples
Lyn Lifshin
  • My Afternoons with Dylan Thomas
  • Rarely, When I'm Content
Joan Rudel Adam to Eve: A Retort
Jeanne Wagner Pedicure
Ann Struthers Spirit Lake, Iowa, August 2008
Eric Greinke The Accident
Alison Prine
  • January 1st
  • The Red Door
Oliver Rice Andy
Davi Walders
  • Georgia O'Keeffe Painting Yellow Cactus
  • Only September
Jeanne Emmons
  • The Fall
  • Imaginary Friend
Louis Daniel Brodsky To Come
Peter Roberts
  • Modern Life, Sans Serif
  • The Unseen
Doug Ramspeck Napoleon Writes Again to Josephine
Keith Flynn Old Hickory Gets the Bends
Lyn Lifshin He's Moved Everything He Needs into One Room
Paul Freidinger Variation on a Theme by Li Po
Larsen Bowker Autumn Love
Robert Cooperman In Sam Weller's Bookstore—Salt Lake City
Fred Yannantuono You're Predefined in the Mind of an Islander Fan
Justin Askins Twilight
Yermiyahu Ahron Taub Paradox
Michael Salcman How I Missed the Prague Spring; A Sort of Memoir
Susan Hawkshaw Our Town as Opera: Theater of the Imagination
Hallman Bell Bryant The Victorians Redux
Cameron Bushnell From Bombay to Mumbai
Elizabeth A. Stansell Salvaged Legacies, Southern Corruption, and Saleswomen in Sleepwear: A South Carolina Trio
Brad K. Hawley Military and Other Fiction
John Perryman Relocating America
Brad K. Hawley A Post-Modern Novel within a Novel
Catherine Paul Engaging Pound
Lee Morrissey Practical Origins, Starts, and Beginnings


A Call for Submissions to SCR's 2009/2010 Poetry Contest & Fundraiser may be found on the inside back cover.


I'm pleased to announce that our Fall 2010 number will be guest edited by one of SCR's contributing editors, Catherine Paul, who will focus on Irish literature, including scholarship on Irish writers as well as contemporary Irish creative writing. For example, the issue will feature work by Ronald Schuchard, James Pethica, and Jeff Holdridge, as well as translations by Patrick Crotty of modern poetry in Irish, poetry in English by young Irish poets, and a host of contributions from scholars in the USA, UK, Belgium, and France. This continues our ongoing series "Ireland in the Arts and Humanities" (one of three themes developed on our SCROLL website in the past decade). —WKC