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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 42, Number 2, Spring 2010

Zackary Vernon The Role of Witness: Ron Rash's Peculiarly Historical Consciousness
Randall Wilhelm Ghostly Bodies and Worker Voices: Power and Resistance in Ron Rash's Eureka Mill
Tria Andrews Rayna Green, Joy Harjo, and Wendy Rose: The Necessity of Native American Storytelling in Combating Opression and Injustice
Anis Shivani White American Male Playing It Safe: The Growing Phenomenon of "The Kirby Poet"
Frank M. Meola Future Past: Ray Bradbury's American Dreams
John Rodden The Significance of Miss "Dawington" in Women in Love
Doris Betts This Is the Only Time I'll Tell It
Michael Sadoff Darjeeling Tea
Becky Browder Fishing the Yenisei
Jeffrey S. Chapman Rock Pusher Boss
Jason Durham Rocks and Sand and Rain
Nancy Middleton Departure
Polly Rosenwaike The Suicide Shop
Roger Pincus Roselli's Remains
Karen Stefano Different, But the Same
Alex Kudera Returning "Home": An Interview with Jayne Anne Phillips
Candice Baxter Chicken Fried Winner: An Interview with George Singleton
Ronald Moran Walking with a Woman
Pete Sipchen Brave Girl
Warren Slesinger Vapor
Jake Ricafrente Homecoming, Texas
Ronald Moran
Gregory Randall The Boy Who Loved Books
Saara Myrene Raapana Kissimmee Ghost Tour
Adam Tavel Nightshifts
Lyn Lifshin
  • Like That
  • At Nutley Pond
James Best Delivery
Jean Esteve Gap
Phebe Davidson Everyday House
Hamish Guthrie All My Junk
Marcus Smith Diver
Warren Slesinger Telephone
Jean Beardsley Loneliness Is the Longest Distance between Two Points
Bradley R. McDuffie Visiting Coney Island, January 2005
Anthony Opal I Waited for You in the Rain
Kimberly Jane Simms
  • Dip 1929
  • Hop Along Little Crow
  • Jerome's Silence
Gary Every Football Elk
Fani Papageorgiou Aeolus
Kevin Brown Occasionet
Robert Parham Roads
Gregory Randall Girl Reading
Laurence Lieberman Reign of the Cyclops
Dan O'Brien
John F. Buckley What Are We Going to Do Now?
Jim Bainbridge Wings without a Bird
David Lawrence The Porcupine
Mary Ann Campbell At the Wedding
Jeanne Emmons
  • My Grandmother's Browning
  • I Recall That April Evening
Kimberly O'Connor Joint
T. Alan Broughton
  • So Many Years
  • Aeneas in Old Age
James Doyle
  • Fishermen Mending Nets
  • Edgar Allan Poe's Self-Portrait
Ruth Holzer
  • Resources
  • Sam's
Mike Jurkovic Pacific Trash Vortex
Evan Hansen Perpetual Motion Device
Joseph Allen
  • Reading Zola
  • Black Horses
Matthew Brennan Cruising
Robert Cooperman Tailgating
Heather Ross Miller
  • Sweets
  • A Public Convenience for Women, Late 1940s
James Daniels Skylab Party, 1979
Mark Smith The Rescue
Charles Cantrell
Mark Wagenaar Slow Migration towards Ecstasy
Sharon Doyle Ardent Winter, Colorado
Stephen Cushman
Elizabeth Klise von Zerneck Nekuia
Rebecca Foust
Jo Page How Then Shall We Live?
Julie Wittes Schlack Prague Afternoon
Jordan McKenzie The Human/Computer Dynamic and How It Affects Our Concept of Electronic Literature
Ronald Moran Two Chapbooks
Karen Levenback "Such Hope for the World"
Adam Million "There Is No Waste"
Danielle Sellers Death and the Quest for Love
Helen Marie Casey Baudelairean Darkness
Larry Mitchell Fiction as "Creative Scholarship"
Rhondda Thomas The Pursuit of Liberty
John Perryman "Discourse of Disaster"
Anis Shivani The Reluctant Education of a Model Soldier
Duff Brenna God Laughing
Mark Powell Kicking against the Pricks
Susan Meyers A Little Wisdom from the Neighborhood Maverick
Cameron Bushnell Pivot Points
Wayne Chapman A Chapbook Prize-Winning Poet