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Volume 43, Number 1, Fall 2010

Special Issue: Writing Modern Ireland,
Guest-Edited by Catherine E. Paul

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Catherine E. Paul Writing Modern Ireland
Ronald Schuchard Yeats in Extremis
Ed Madden "Here, of all places": Geographies of Sexual and Gender Identity in Keith Ridgway's The Long Falling
Michael J. Sidnell Beckett's Discovery of Theater: Human Wishes and the Draumaturgical Contexts of Eleutheria
Wim Van Mierlo "I have met you too late": James Joyce, W. B. Yeats, and the Making of Chamber Music
Margaret Mills Harper Flesh and Bones: Anne Enright's The Gathering
Alexandra Poulain "Westward ho!" The Only Jealousy of Emer, from Noh to Tragedy
Ken Monteith Enabling Emer, Disabling the Sidhe: W. B. Yeats's "The Only Jealousy of Emer"
John Dennison "To construct something upon which to rejoice": Seamus Heaney's Prose Revisions
Thomas Dillon Redshaw Remains Removals: The Cuala Press Revival, 1969-1989
Jonathan Allison "The Old-Moon Phaser": Yeats, Auden, and MacNiece
Michael Cade Stewart A Satyric Paradise: The Form of W. B. Yeats's "News for the Delphic Oracle"
Wanda Balzano Abroad and at Home: The Question of the Foreigner in Kate O'Brien's Mary Lavelle
Rand Brandes Mercury in Taurus: W. B. Yeats and Ted Hughes
Wayne K. Chapman "Notes Chirrupping Answer": Language as Music in James Joyce and Virginia Woolf
Hedwig Schwall Allegories of Writing: Figurations of Narcissus and Echo in W. B. Yeats's Work
Jefferson Holdridge The One Loved Form: Art, Nature, Myth, and Instinct in Irish Literature
Patrick Crotty Four Songs from The Penguin Book of Irish Poetry (Forthcoming)
Allan Gillis
  • In a Nondescript Town
  • Graduation Day
  • On Cloughey Beach
Leontia Flynn Catullus
Gary Allen
  • True North
  • Pound of Flesh
  • Circle
Joseph Allen
  • Folk Music
  • Dorothea
Sarah Del Collo Wilde, Sex, Lies, and Sir Edmund Trelawny Backhouse
Duff Brenna Where the Honor Lies
Miriam Mattsey Growing Pains
Joseph Kelly Saving Joyce from the Professors
Charis Chapman Out of the Frying Pan
Wayne K. Chapman Volumetrics and Value
Catherine Paul Seamus Heaney's Poetics


As announced in SCR volume 42, the current number is a special, guest-edited one, followed by a return to our accustomed format and range in content. We are pleased to announce at this time the winners of the SCR Poetry Contest for 2009/2010. They are as follows:

All six of these poems will be featured, on point, in the spring 2011 issue. They will be keeping company with the work of more than thirty additional poets, the provocative non-fiction prose of the Republic of Letters, scholarly essays on Thomas Wolfe and Matthais Grünewald, Eudora Welty and photography, William Faulkner’s influence on James Dickey, John Ashbury and the sublime, and H. G. Wells and subjugation. Also featured are tributes to J. D. Salinger and Barry Hannah, as well as a slate of original short fiction by Mary Beth Leymaster Matteo, Mark Blaustein, Deborah-Anne Tunney, Gary Fincke, Aja Gabel, Stephen March, Patricia Brieschke, and Craig Boyko. And, of course, we will round out the medley with a host of critical reviews and review-essays on various literary, cultural, and historical subjects.

We are pleased to call your attention to the unusual release of our first completely online-only special issue of SCR, entitled Edward Dowden: A Critical Edition of the Complete Poetry, Wayne K. Chapman (ed.), anticipating the present Irish number as vol. 42, no. 3 (Summer 2010). This is outside subscription and beyond the two printed issues of this past year and doubles as the first volume in a monographic series posted on the SCR Themed site "Ireland in the Arts and Humanities." If demand merits, we may print copies for those who wish to purchase one for their library or personal collection. It is a natural addition to the Bibliographic Studies page on the Clemson University Digital Press website, where it will be joined, in coming weeks, by Writing Modern Ireland. As economic circumstances motivate creative solutions, we hope our readers approve of the novelty and perspicacity of the experiment as we might like to repeat the exercise at some point in the future. —WKC