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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 43, Number 2, Spring 2011

Joseph R. Millichap Eudora Welty's Photography and Fiction in the 1930s and After
John Idol Thomas Wolfe and Matthias Grünewald
James Potts Faulkner's Influence on Dickey, and the Sadistic Thesis
Terry W. Thompson Exterminating Brutes: Subjugation As Subtext in H. G. Wells's "The Country of the Blind"
Patricia Brieschke The Prop Master
Mark Blaine Four Musicians
Gary Fincke Weepers
Aja Gabel The Seven Stages of Camping with the Poet
Deborah-Anne Tunney The Yellow Purse
Bill Koon Sabers, Gentlemen, Sabers: Barry Hannah 1942-2010
Joe Scotchie J. D. Salinger: All's Well That Ends Well
Celisa Steele Beauties and Beasts
Erin Bealmear Altitude Sickness at the Folk Art Museum
Kayla Porth First and Amistad
Margaret Mackinnon Flora
Leland James The Lament of Whitehorse Billy
Salita S. Bryant Asking for a Divorce
Ivor C. Treby The Worst Day of the Week
Alexander Lumans Endangered Species
Robert Parham Dumping Milk
Fred Yannantuono Pinguinos Gelatos
Marilyn E. Johnston Pictures in a Library
Thomas Patterson And Then
Pamela Davis The Other Side of the Bed
Carol Hamilton Preservation
Carol V. Davis Summer of Love
Barbara Saunier Instead
Katelyn Sack His Story
Ronald Moran
  • War Comes Home, Week after Somber Week: MSNBC August 18, 2010
  • Pollination
Doug Ramspeck Riverbank of Another Summer
Peter Serchuk Stocks to Own if We Bomb Iran
Gary Every Goose Flakes
Ann Struthers
  • Bear Speaks of Winter
  • Time Out of Mind: For Stephen Meats
Lyn Lifshin Thirty Miles West of Chicago
R. Steve Benson My Father's Silver Dollars
Claudia Mangel Grace
Peter Layton No
Brady Rhoades Regret
Jack Stewart Precision Cutting
Stephen Myers Eight Fragments: After the Vigil for the Dead
Jason Huff The Flood
James Valvis Sophocles Reading Oedipus at Colonus
D. Lifland Everest
Samuel Stenger Renken Super Wal-Mart
Michael Cavanagh An Affair Remembered
Mollie Flournoy Interlude
Anne Pierson Wiese The Unharmed
Peg Bresnahan Moscow, 1975
Becky Gould Gibson The Apology
A. D. Wiegert Allen Ginsberg
Christopher Tozier Aluminum Canoes
Robert Cooperman
  • The Youngest Person in the Room
  • Evening Martinis
Catharine S. Brosman Evelyn
Skip Eisiminger Unweaving the Rainbow
Catharine Savage Brosman Generations
Dennis Lang Hurricane
Anna Amatuzio On This Island of Our Age
Brad K. Hawley Plugging in Your Crazies
Angela Naimou Magnifying Small Worlds
Lyudmila Razumova Fiction, Reality, and Know-Where
Frank Day Bodice-Ripping Historical Tales
John Perryman Mountain for Sale
Stephen Johnson The World after Books
Joe Scotchie T. S. Eliot, Editor
Duff Brenna Chewing Infinite Food for Thought
Will Hochman Into Poetry
Matthew C. Brennan Simms the Poet
Ben Greer "Hotly, Madly, Dreamily"
Bill Koon "Grit Lit. Quaint"
Christina Cook Discordant Melodies
Will Stockton Shakespeare Remade
Adam Million In the Shade
Wayne K. Chapman The South Carolina Review Poetry Contest 2009/2010