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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 44, Number 1, Fall 2011

Jesse Graves The Single Seam in The Double Dream of Spring: John Ashbery's Natural Sublime
Donald Pilzer Patricia Highsmith's The Talented Mr. Ripley: The Literary Subtext
Donna D. Needham Margaret Fuller: Her Journey from Literary Critic to Historian
Margaret Conrow The Poetry of Edward Dowden
Mary Beth Leymaster Tarot
Ellen Birkett Morris Swimming
Karon Luddy Zeal•ot
Stephen March Trouble at the Purple Ibis
Gilbert Allen Paperwork
L. P. Griffith Dog People
Tom Andes Thomas E. Kennedy's Dangerous Songs
Nancy Dew Taylor To My Father, Near Death
Warren Slesinger Scratch
Anthony Opal To Ashbery
Scott Owens A Partial List of Things That Happened at Harris Landing
Christian Knoeller Migration
Larry Rogers Security Farm
James Doyle Hippopotamus
Jason Schlosser England
Toni L. Wilkes Forty-Nine Days, Forty-Nine Nights
Myron Ernst From Evening to Morning in Zakopane, Poland, December 1995
Kelly Terwilliger Post Office in December
Matthew Brennan 19 York Street
Gary Allen
  • Hunger
  • Gypsy Ballads
  • Anatomy of a Death
  • Portrait of Robert
  • The End
  • America
Joseph Allen
  • Back Roads
  • Silver Spoon
  • Lessons
Susan Ludvigson Poet Dreams
Kathryn Kirkpatrick
  • In the Foul Rag-and-Bone Shop of the Heart
  • Millennium II
  • The Zen Master Yells
  • Rescuing the Garden
Catharine Savage Brosman Hibernia
Paul Freidinger Summer Night, Edisto Island, South Carolina
John J. Trause Herod Antipasto
Michael Cleary Blue Tarps
Oliver Rice The Black Pagoda on the Oregon Trail
Mark Jay Brewin, Jr. His Grandmother as a Wind Chime
Lyn LIfshin
  • My Mother Listens to Classical Music
  • Thirty Miles West of Chicago
Emma Bartholomew
  • A Divine Correspondence
  • An Original Death
Ronnie Sirmans
  • Grown
  • Mobile Punctuation
Roger Camp Is Paris Stewing
Harry V. Moore Valediction
Charles Cantrell Whitman at Fredericksburg
Ruth Holzer Passing the Time
Susan H. Maurer Ruby Beets
Phillip Howerton
  • Hollyhocks
  • A Fire Hydrant Recently Installed in an Annexed Pasture
  • Crosscut Saws
  • Photograph of My Father
Barbara Crooker
  • Ashes
  • The Table My Mother's Brother Kept
J. Stephen Rhodes
  • Mystery
  • Tattooed Lady
Thomas Wheatley For a Poet I Know
Brad Johnson Purgatory, Colorado
Matt Summers
  • Winter Thoughts
  • Queets
Brett Taylor The Next Time the Walls Break
Sam Howie The Major of Saint-Lô
William Huhn Soûl de Musique
Duff Brenna The Point Is to Persist
Steven D. Ealy Robert Penn Warren Too Narrowly Perceived
Janet M. Manson Remembering Reconstruction
Joe Scotchie Existence Is the Job
Brad K. Hawley The Mystery of Lives
Susan Laughter Meyers The Jane Poems
Wayne K. Chapman A Child's-Eye View of Laugharne

ANNOUNCING FORTHCOMING ISSUE: Locating African American Autobiography

The South Carolina Review seeks submissions that examine how geographical locations associated with authors and texts shape the creation, reception, and distribution of African American Autobiography for a special number scheduled for publication in Spring 2013. One might consider Eric Gardner’s call for examinations of Unexpected Places such as Lucy Delaney’s St. Louis that are not traditionally associated with African American literary production, or further explorations of locales such as South Carolina or Worcester, Massachusetts, where authors of recently recovered slave narratives labored and lived. This themed issue of The South Carolina Review will feature essays, fiction, poetry, and black-and-white photographs. For more information, contact Dr. Rhonda Thomas, Deadline: March 31, 2012.