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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 44, Number 2, Spring 2012

George S. Lensing Why Poetry Matters
Elizabeth Boleman-Herring James Dickey: The Toad in the Word-Garden
Craig Watson "I Was Born in Lucerne": The Reinvention of Phillip Levine
Malcolm Forbes Soul Brother Joseph Conrad's Under Western Eyes: One Hundred Years On
Liam Harte The Politics of Pity in Sebastian Barry's A Long Long Way
Terry W. Thompson "A Knife in His Side": Evoking the Passion in Henry James's "The Jolly Corner"
Henrietta Goodman Mary Borden: Sex and Suicide in Poetry from The Forbidden Zone
Kurt Rheinheimer West Virginia
Michael Beeman Chantella
James Tate Hill The Origin of Heroes
Marc Foster Shoe Dogs
Tuskin Roberts Easy to Love
Erika Seay Heatstroke
Elizabeth Boleman-Herring Fake Garden: Fake Toad, Too
David James Experiment in Theatre #10
Jean-Mark Sens Angels of Visions
Charles Semones The Poet Speaks Out in His Eldering
Ted Lord Obstacles
Larsen Bowker
  • In the Dry Silence of Family Farms
  • In the Flourish of Weeds
Rebecca Foust
  • Atonement
  • She Picks the Wrong Spot on the Beach
James Valvis
  • Creek Diving Dare
  • Poem Composed Entirely with Last Lines in Raymond Carver Poems
James Doyle The Cliff Dwellers
Jonathan Greenhause Time Away
Kristen Berkey-Abbott Safety Pin Sisterhood
Michael Malan
  • Wrong Number
  • Why I Like War
Robert Parham
  • Ours
  • Talking to My Angel
Roger Desy The Best Apple
Marion Boyer The Symmetry of Paper Planes
Karon Luddy To a Congenitally Hungry Friend Whom I Saw for the First Time in Twenty Years
David Salner Klan Country
J. Alan Nelson Lunesta Vision
Lilly Deng Rekindling
Charles Tisdale The Bride Throwing Her Bouquet
Lyn Lifshin Linden Tea
Steven Winn Mansion
Alan Feldman Pronunciation
Dustin Junkert Answer Me
Peter Imsdahl Late June
Sonja James Confessions of a Literary Hiker
Scott Owens
Ronald Moran
Robert Cooperman
Doug Ramspeck
Sharon Doyle The Visibility Is Very Low
Michael Milburn "U Shall Not Stop Listenin to Dis Poem": Contemporary Poetry In and Out of the High School Classroom
Skip Eisiminger Three Stabs at the Truth
Elisa Kay Sparks How We Know the Natural World
Christina Cook
  • Beer Runs, Communion Wafers, and Loss
  • Fragile, Flickering Differentiation
John H. Perryman Creating the Presidency
Erin J. Mullikin "To Idi Amin I'm an Idiot": Inebriated on Poetry
Alma Bennett "We had to do Something." I had to do Something.
Erin J. Mullikin An American Hunting: Channeling Ghosts
Wayne K. Chapman Hogarth Press Revisitings

ANNOUNCING FORTHCOMING ISSUE: Locating African American Autobiography

The South Carolina Review seeks submissions that examine how geographical locations associated with authors and texts shape the creation, reception, and distribution of African American Autobiography for a special number scheduled for publication in Spring 2013. One might consider Eric Gardner’s call for examinations of Unexpected Places such as Lucy Delaney’s St. Louis that are not traditionally associated with African American literary production, or further explorations of locales such as South Carolina or Worcester, Massachusetts, where authors of recently recovered slave narratives labored and lived. This themed issue of The South Carolina Review will feature essays, fiction, poetry, and black-and-white photographs. For more information, contact Dr. Rhonda Thomas, Deadline: March 31, 2012.