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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 45, Number 1, Fall 2012

James Dickey, edited by Ward Briggs Hart Crane and the Peripheral in Poetry
Daniel Cross Turner James Dickey and the Lifework of Fathers
Chantelle MacPhee Shakespeare, Milton, Blake, and the English Nation: A Metonymic Study of Milton
John Tytell Hemlock or Ambrosia: Writing and Editorial Process
Thomas E. Kennedy Getting Lucky
John Duncan Talbird Like TV
Maurice Carlos Ruffin Pie Man
Marc Berley The Dog Is Not Your Mother
Gary Fincke Dogs in Space
Leslie Johnson 12:37
Joyce J. Townsend One More Poem, One More Essay: An Interview with Robert Stewart
James Dickey Hart Crane
Dan O'Brien
Sherry Chandler
Mark Wisniewski Belittlement
Randall Ivey They Say…A Primer in Southern Gossiping
Chris Waters Poetry Reading
William Miller Robert Lowell and the Taxicab
Margaret Del Guercio Sweet Ride
Al Maginnes Accessorize
Doug Ramspeck
  • The Human Velocity
  • Measure
Jasmine Bailey Fuji
Jeffrey C. Alfier Overtaking the Union Specific
Brian Ownbey
  • The Angels of Carrion
  • The New Father
James Valvis
  • April
  • Heart As a River Pebble
John Aylesworth Chemicals from Fats
Joan Kincaid Any Progress Here?
Vera Schwarcz Ein Gedi at Dusk
Dennis Saleh Torso
John Marvin The Myth of Enkidu Comes Too
Robert Cooperman At the Wedding
Larry "Ace" Boggess Tell Me
Larry Levy My Catholic Girl
James Deahl June Thunder
Michael Salcman The True History of Flight
Skip Eisiminger Cogito Blogito
Vince Clemente Poems Come from the Strangest Places
Casey Clabough Coaches
Wayne K. Chapman Making It from Scratch
Julia Eichelberger A Southern Literary Critic in the Making
Duff Brenna Michigan's National Treasure
Carol Smallwood Aging with Grace
John Pursley III A Confluence of Whimsey and Profundity
Angelina Oberdan Reading Poems and Eating Mud Cakes
Lindsey Jones "To call out is human"
Matthew Brennan Poems of Love and Regret
Ann Ratliff Russell America's Joan of Arc
Joe Scotchie The Young Man and His Corona
Ronald Moran True to Place and Time
Wayne K. Chapman The Stuff of Major Literature

Forthcoming Issue: Spring 2013

The Spring 2013 issue of The South Carolina Review will feature a series of essays on Irish authors by leading scholars, poetry by Ulster poet Gary Allen and others, including Appalachian poets Kathryn Kikpatrick and Rebecca Foust, and our usual staple of fiction and non-fiction creative prose, The Republic of Letters, and critical reviews.

Forthcoming Issue: Locating African American Autobiography

The South Carolina Review continues to seek submissions that examine how geographical locations associated with authors and texts shape the creation, reception, and distribution of African American Autobiography for a special number. One might consider Eric Gardner’s call for examinations of Unexpected Places such as Lucy Delaney’s St. Louis that are not traditionally associated with African American literary production, or further explorations of locales such as South Carolina or Worcester, Massachusetts, where authors of recently recovered slave narratives labored and lived. This themed issue of The South Carolina Review has been rescheduled for the spring 2014 number and will feature essays, fiction, poetry, and black-and-white photographs. For more information, contact Dr. Rhondda Thomas,