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Volume 45, Number 2, Spring 2013

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Wayne K. Chapman Introduction
Jefferson Holdridge "Halved Globe, Slowly Turning": Editing Irish Poetry in America
Ann Pierson Weise Airport Sparrow
Jeanette Shumaker The Deathly Conformity of Irish Women: Novels by Mary O'Donnell and Susan Knight
Gary Allen
Moira Linehan
Oliver Hennessey Among the Academics: Yeats, Dowden, and "West British" Shakespeare in the Irish Literary Revival
Jennifer Sicking The Burren
Wayne K. Chapman (ed.) Eight Unpublished Sonnets by Edward Dowden
Roderick Gow Edward Dowden, Elizabeth Dickinson West, and the Poetry of Robert Browning
Robert Lance Snyder Secrecy's Genesis: John le Carré's Our Kind of Traitor
Paula Eckard Crossing Racial Boundaries in The Secret Life of Bees
Marlin Barton Hands
Victoria Kelly The Strangers of Dubai
Wynne Hungerford I See Wonderful Things
Charles Wyatt The Blanket Chest
Nancy Middleton Tomorrowland
Dennis McFadden The Escapee's Lover
Robert McGuill Daddy's Girl
Kathryn Kirkpatrick
Ronald Moran
Matthew Brennan View from Lake Louise
Victoria Kelly Kwansaba for a Wounded Warrior
Shelley Puhak Letter to My Great-Grandmother RE Her Luck
Steve Myers
  • The King of Swaziland
  • Last Look at Joburg
Diana Woodcock My Arabian Nights
Lyn Lifshin
  • Scheherazade's Journals
  • The Dream Image of Enheduanna in the Sumerian Night
Harry V. Moore
  • Adam Goes Walking on Lookout Mountain
  • In Milton's Steps
  • Offering
Philip C. Kolin Memorial Day at Panama City Beach
Jim Daniels My Father's Big Death Project
Rebecca Foust
Matthew J. Spireng Why My Father Never Got a Deer
Guy R. Beining felt tongue 214
Robert Wynne
  • Rejection Letter at 32,000 Feet
  • Cy Twombly's "The Rose"
  • Ministry of Doubt
J. Alan Nelson
  • High School Trig
  • The Tiny World Crowds into My Personal Life
Jeanne Emmons My First Body
Susan Tekulve Survivors
Skip Eisiminger Triptych
Lee Morrissey The New Geography of the British Isles
Kara McManus Enlightenment, Southern Style
Kara McManus Cajun Coming-of-Age
John H. Perryman Reading Rewarded
Angelina Oberdan An Enlightening Warning in Verse
Ed Balsom Witnessing the World
Diane F. Gillespie The Landscape of Virginia Woolf
Angelina Oberdan Unheard Voices
Wayne K. Chapman Shorter Notices

Special Editor's Note

Following a regular issue this fall, The South Carolina Review will feature, in spring 2014, essays, reviews, photography, and creative writing on the theme "Locating African American Autobiography." This number, co-guest-edited by Rhondda Thomas and Angela Naimou, will examine how geographical locations associated with authors and texts shape the creation, reception, and distribution of African American Autobiography.

Moreover, we are planning a future issue on the theme "Specters of Slavery," to be guest-edited by Kimberly Manganelli and Sarah Lauro, on the way the cultural memory of slavery haunts the U.S. (especially the American South) in the form of bogeymen such as vampires, zombies, and ghosts. While the date of publication has yet to be determined, the editors have solicited submissions and are negotiating with authors on the contents of this special number.