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The South Carolina Review Contents

Volume 46, Number 1, Fall 2013

Wayne K. Chapman Introduction
Janis Haswell Indian Scholars, the Power of Fiction, and Paul Scott's Raj Quartet
Ellen Rachlin
  • Orientation
  • Silverback Gorillas
Vandana Gavaskar Domesticating Empire: Figuring Womanhood at Home and Abroad
Akel Kahera
  • My Ancestor's Hut
  • Ya Takruni! ("Hey Nigger!")
Scott Owens
  • Articles of War or Why I Write Political Poems
  • Intimations
  • Owned
Ruth Holzer In Cambridge
Jarka and Otylka Cebe A Wartime Remembrance in Two Voices
Skip Eisiminger
  • Military Funeral for a Civilian Mother: 2008
  • Smokescreen at Arlington: 2013
Doug Ramspeck Book of Graves
Alison Prine Steel
Robert Cooperman The Snow
Eugene Dubnov Never Out of Reach: A Memoir
Daniel Saalfeld Dirty Work
Thomas Dillon Redshaw Altar Books: Liam Miller and the Visit of John Paul to Ireland, 1979
Donald Pizer Men, Women, and Horses: The American Literary Horse Racing Novel
William Murray The Men Who Don't Remember: The Fort Sumter Monument and the Collective Forgetting of the Civil War
Joseph Bates Guilt City
J.T. Bushnell The Real Vision
John R. Saylor The Divide
Gary Fincke All the Big Things
Delaney Nolan Delaney Nolan
Joe Scotchie Valerie Eliot: Keeper of the Rite
Dennis Saleh Ozymandias the Second
Mark DeFoe Blessed Mundanity
Margaret DelGuercio Cow Tipping
Gilbert Allen
  • The Great American Sonnet
  • ADD
  • Fire Ants in South Carolina
Brian Heston Ideas of Disorder
Brad Johnson
  • Leaves to the Windows
  • Napoleon Takes the Crown
  • Georgia March
Robert Parham Isabelle
Adam Wilcox
  • Autobiography with Budget
  • Blue and Green
Rick Mulkey
  • The Monsters of Bomarzo
  • Killing
James Doyle
  • Prussian Dresses
  • At the Monastery
David Bradley The Ghost of Baltimore
Sally Van Doren Or
John Tytell How to Write an Essay
Catharine Savage Brosman In the Abbey
Michael Milburn By Heart
Catherine Paul Yeats Annual Rebooted
Wayne K. Chapman Introductory Matters
John D. Morgenstern "Passion Scenes" in Eliot & Co
Joe Scotchie All of America
Ronald Moran Home Shadows
Duff Brenna Through the Minds of Many
Duff Brenna Ordinary Life, Necessary Illusions

Special Editor's Note

The South Carolina Review will feature, in spring 2014, essays, reviews, photography, and creative writing on the theme "Locating African American Autobiography." This number, co-guest-edited by Rhondda Thomas and Angela Naimou, will examine how geographical locations associated with authors and texts shape the creation, reception, and distribution of African American Autobiography.

Moreover, we are planning a future issue on the theme "Specters of Slavery," to be guest-edited by Kimberly Manganelli and Sarah Lauro, on the way the cultural memory of slavery haunts the U.S. (especially the American South) in the form of bogeymen such as vampires, zombies, and ghosts. While the date of publication has yet to be determined, the editors have solicited submissions and are negotiating with authors on the contents of this special number.