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Virginia Woolf International

Image of Virginia Woolf from the cover of SCR 29.1 with caption "Virginia Woolf International"

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Selected Papers

Since 2005, the press has published a number of volumes of selected papers from the Annual [International] Conference on Virginia Woolf, which is hosted by various universities in the United States and abroad in association with the International Virginia Woolf Society.

For more information about the series (including online editions and ordering information), visit the Virginia Woolf Selected Papers section of our website.

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Virginia Woolf International Monographic Series (2003-)

From SCR 48.2 (Spring 2016)

From SCR 47.1 (Fall 2014)

From SCR 45.2 (Spring 2013)

From SCR 44.2 (Spring 2012)

From SCR 41.2 (Spring 2009)

From SCR 40.1 (Fall 2007)

From SCR 38.2 (Spring 2006)

From SCR 35.2 (Spring 2003)

From SCR 34.1 (Fall 2001)

From SCR 29.1 (Fall 1996)

Program for the 6th Annual Virginia Woolf Conference, Clemson University, 1996

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